'Teen Mom 2': Jade's parents are jailed for possession of a controlled substance, but she refuses to bail them out

'Teen Mom 2': Jade's parents are jailed for possession of a controlled substance, but she refuses to bail them out

In this week's episode of 'Teen Mom 2', Jade Cline gets a shocking call from her mother stating that she has been arrested and is in jail.

Jade and her mother, Christy have always had their differences and things do not seem to be getting any better for them. Despite their differences, Christy decided to call Jade when she wanted someone to bail her out of the jail. 

Christy burst out crying while begging Jade to come to bail her out with $500. However, Jade did not know how to respond as she revealed that she did not have that amount of money in hand. While her mother ensured her that she would pay "every dime back", Jade found herself in a difficult position. 

After ending the call with her mother, Jade decided to call up her grandmother, Teri and ask her for advice. Jade revealed to her grandmother that if she were to bail Christy out with that money, she would not have any money left for paying her rent. However, it seemed like everyone had trouble with Christy as Teri suggested that it was better for Jade to not worry about anything. Jade further added that she wasn't sure where her dad was and worried if he too was in jail with her mother. 


"Don't worry about it and don't beat yourself about it," Teri told Jade. "It is not your fault that she is there." Jade seemingly agreed with her grandmother and decided to not bail her mother out of jail. She felt relieved that she at least knew where her mother was. 

Later, Jade also received a call from her aunt Kim and it is she who revealed that Jade's parents were under police custody. She further added that she was planning to bail the pair out until she found out that they were behind the bars for several charges and one of them included possession of a controlled substance. 

Kim stated it was better if the two spent some nights in the jail and looked at it in a positive angle by adding that they "at least had a roof over their head". While Christy and her husband are still in jail, Jade decided to carry on with her life and focus on her daughter. 

'Teen Mom 2' airs on Tuesdays at 8 pm on MTV. 


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