'Teen Mom 2': Sean Austin calls daughter 'demon' as Jade Cline says he dislikes parenting

Jade Cline and Sean Austin of 'Teen Mom 2' left fans shocked when it was revealed that he doesn't really like looking after their daughter

                            'Teen Mom 2': Sean Austin calls daughter 'demon' as Jade Cline says he dislikes parenting
'Teen Mom 2' stars Sean Austin and Jade Cline (MTV)

After the Brazilian Butt Lift fiasco, Jade Cline has another problem at hand — figuring out how to care for daughter Kloie. The reality star is ready to expand her career by opening her own salon and focussing on growing it. Her baby daddy Sean Austin was pitching in with watching Kloie while she was healing from her surgery and getting ready to go back to work.

But Sean is reportedly unhappy with being a stay-at-home dad and he too wants to pursue his dreams and career. So, during a conversation with her friend, Jade reveals that Sean 'doesn't like watching' Kloie and that he often gets annoyed about it. She then shares her plan of putting Kloie in a daycare facility so that both of them can focus on their careers without worrying about Kloie.


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'Teen Mom 2' star Sean Austin reportedly doesn't like watching his daughter (MTV)

When fans heard Jade say that Kloie's father doesn't like 'watching' her, they were shocked and horrified. A fan tweeted, "Sean I'll watch her here & there but, it's annoying for him. He doesn't like watching her." -Jade, A parent Girl, what??? Again. This ISN'T an option. Parents DON'T babysit their child, they parent!! Lord. Jade, Jade  #TeenMom2." Another fan wrote, Jade said sean doesn’t like to watch their daughter but isn’t that called parenting? #teenmom2." "She has to send Kloie to daycare more bc Sean is annoyed with "watching" her?! You don't watch your own kids, you parent them! #TeenMom2," pointed a fan.




'Teen Mom 2' fans didn't appreciate Kloie being referred to as 'demon child' (MTV)

Later in the episode, Jade and Sean got into a huge fight when Kloie began throwing tantrums. When Kloie began irritating their family dog, Jade took her away and commented how she doesn't like filming when Kloie is behaving that way as it looks like they either have a 'demon child' or they are not parenting properly. Sean agrees over them having a demon child.

Fans were further annoyed on hearing Sean call his own daughter a demon child, and called him out for it. A fan shared, "Did Sean say “we have a demon child” and wonder why Kloie doesnt listen. love on her talk nice to her #TeenMom2." Another fan expressed, "Jade and Sean please stop referring to Kloie as a demon… #TeenMom2." "Sean smirking after saying “we are not demon parents but we have a demon child” made me cry laughing. Also that little girl has been around enough chaos and screaming and fighting it’s affected how she handles situations. Just a little insight guys lol @TeenMom #TeenMom2," advised a fan.




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