'Teen Mom 2' Preview: Jade Cline bursts into tears as she recalls her constant arguments with her mother

'Teen Mom 2' Preview: Jade Cline bursts into tears as she recalls her constant arguments with her mother

Jade Cline has always had a troubled relationship with her mother and it doesn't look like things are getting any better for them. When Cline appeared on 'Teen Mom Young and Pregnant' the reality star was struggling to find balance in her life. 

She often found herself in emotional situations as she was torn between taking care of her baby daughter Kloie, her boyfriend Sean, and her mother Christy. Even though Cline has now joined the cast of 'Teen Mom 2' it doesn't look like things have changed much. The reality star still finds it hard to maintain a good relationship with her parents, especially her mother. In the coming episode of 'Teen Mom 2', Cline seemed to hit a low point in her life as she bursts into tears recalling her feelings. 

Cline states that she has been stressed out lately and it has been a feeling that was taking over her time and again. Amid this, the arguments with her mother only made things worse. Cline even admitted that she just wanted to have a mom and a dad but looking at how things were unfolding in front of her she doubted if she really had them. 

In the previous episode of 'Teen Mom 2', Cline and Christy's relationship was on full display and it really highlighted the fact the pair clearly had their differences. Cline was worried that something had happened to her daughter Kloie while she was with Christy. Cline tried calling Christy countless times but her calls went unanswered. Her suspicion grew more when she recalled that she had given Christy money to buy things. Fortunately, Cline was able to track down Christy and meet her daughter. 

While the issue seemed to have been resolved between the two, another disagreement took place after the event damaging their relationship further. Cline was not happy that her mother left her worried and refused to answer any calls or texts. Looking at their troublesome relationship it does not seem like they will meet at a common ground any time soon. However, only the coming episodes can tell how the ladies will handle their relationship. 


'Teen Mom 2' airs on MTV every Tuesdays at 8 pm. 

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