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'Teen Mom 2': Stressed Jade Cline struggles to recover after Brazilian butt lift

'Teen Mom 2' star Jade Cline suffered panic attacks during and after her Brazilian butt lift as her family continued to fight with her beau Sean Austin
UPDATED JUN 16, 2021
'Teen Mom 2' star Jade Cline (Jade Cline/Instagram)
'Teen Mom 2' star Jade Cline (Jade Cline/Instagram)

When 'Teen Mom 2' star requested her family and boyfriend Sean Austin to accompany her for her Brazilian Butt Lift and liposuction procedure in Miami, she was hoping for them to be a strong support system and help her through her recovery. Unfortunately, instead of helping her stay calm and ease her discomfort during recovery, the constant friction between Jade's mother Christy Smith and her boyfriend only ended up stressing Jade further and resulted in the reality star getting panic attacks.

Since Jade didn't want to be filmed following her surgery, the producers had to camp outside and get the information on what was going on inside the house from Jade's friend Kelsey. She informed the producers that things were chaotic and it wasn't helping Jade at all. At one point things got so bad that Sean and Jade's step-father Corey got into a physical altercation. During their altercation, Jade got out of her bed to try to stop them, which led to her hurting herself and getting another bout of panic attacks.


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So, the family decided that Christy and Corey would return home, while Sean stayed on to take care of Jade and their 3-year-old Kloie. Later Christy expressed her concerns about leaving Jade in Sean's hands and hoped for her daughter's speedy recovery. Sean told them that he had no regrets about the altercation with Corey and looked relieved to see her parents leave. 

After watching the entire ordeal that Jade was put through, fans began wondering about why she would have her parents and boyfriend under the same roof during such a sensitive time knowing fully well that they never got along. A fan tweeted, "She had the whole family there and not one of them were helpful #TeenMom2." Another fan wrote, "Jade baby what is you doooooing?! Why would you bring this three ring circus with you while you recover from surgery?! One solid friend was all you needed. This is a hot ass mess! #TeenMom2." 



Fans also felt that Jade should just cut ties with all family members and be with her daughter. A fan commented, "Jade needs to be in a nontoxic environment with just her daughter #teenmom2." Another said, "#TeenMom2 needs to just cut ties with Jade and her family. I like Jade and all, but she is just stuck in a toxic situation and wont get out of it. It's the same old thing over and over again." Another fan expressed, "Jade needs to move across the country with Kloie and Kloie only and start a new life #TeenMom2."





But looks like things have gotten better between Jade and her mother since the surgery. In a recent Q&A with her fans on Instagram, Jade defended her mother from harsh criticism from fans. Jade revealed that contrary to fans' beliefs, Christy didn't steal her painkillers or disappear with her prescription. When one of her fans told her, "Sorry but I think your mom filled the script and took the pills or kept them for herself." Jade immediately shot back by saying that wasn't true.

She replied, "Uhm no lol my mom wouldn’t take my pills and use them. Also she’s never used pain pills nor been addicted to them.” When another fan asked Jade where her mom went and why it took so long for her to return, Jade shared her side of the story. “She dropped me off at the Airbnb to go get my prescriptions but she said she couldn’t find it anywhere and that’s why it took her so long to get back. Of course, I was mad. I’m still upset about that whole thing. But I’ve moved on from it. I don’t let things stay attached to me and cause me distress anymore.” 

While Jade fixed her relationship with her mother, unfortunately, Sean and she split up. Since her recovery from her surgery, Jade has been pretty consistent with posting pictures of her new body on Instagram. 

'Teen Mom 2' airs every Tuesday at 8/7c only on MTV.