'Teen Mom 2': Jade confronts Sean after finding drugs in the bathroom, will she give him another chance?

Jade Cline finds out Sean Austin has been taking drugs and things get terribly ugly when her family confronts him about the situation

                            'Teen Mom 2': Jade confronts Sean after finding drugs in the bathroom, will she give him another chance?
Jade (MTV)

Jade Cline and Sean Austin have had a hard time getting back to where they were. The pair have a daughter together, and for a long time, Jade wanted Sean to be present. While the pair had been doing well, things turned around in the latest episode (October 6). Jade recalled she walked into the bathroom to find a white residue. 

While she assumed it was drugs on the counter and they belonged to Sean, he stated otherwise. Sean was quick to reveal that it belonged to Jade's mother. Jade's mother previously struggled with substance and alcohol abuse and it seemed right for him to put the blame on her. 

However, when she was out at work, Jade's father revealed that the camera in their room recorded Sean trying to plant drugs in their room. Jade was shocked to hear this and even though she did not see the video, she knew it was time for Sean to leave the house. Jade was clear that she did not want Sean around her daughter when he was taking drugs. 

She decided to confront him and asked him to leave the house. However, the confrontation did not go well. Sean was quick to get angry and threatened to kill Jade's father for breaking the news about his drug use. At this moment, her father and Sean got into a heated argument that ultimately led to a fight. 

Jade recalled Sean pushed her on the stairs and then started fighting. In the fight, Sean got injured and started bleeding, while her father's ribs seemed to have been broken. Seeing how bad the situation got, Jade rushed out of the house and asked her mother to call the police. Once the police came, everyone was asked to leave the house. 

It is unclear if Sean or anyone else was arrested following the fight. This is not the first time when the two have gotten into an argument when Sean was accused of consuming drugs. In the previous season, Jade had revealed the two got into a heated verbal argument when Sean had been trying to recover from his substance abuse. 

It was also the point that Jade decided to end her relationship with him. With history repeating itself, will Jade give Sean another chance?

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