'Teen Mom 2' reunion: Jade Cline talks about supporting Sean through his addiction as she recalls her father's suicide

Jade Cline has been supporting her ex-boyfriend Sean Austin in his battle with substance abuse and in the reunion special the reality star opened up about why she is still supporting him.

                            'Teen Mom 2' reunion: Jade Cline talks about supporting Sean through his addiction as she recalls her father's suicide
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Jade Cline and Sean Austin's relationship was going through a rough patch after the two got into a verbal argument. After suffering his verbal abuse for a long time, Jade decided to end things with Sean. She was constantly worried that Sean's substance abuse would harm their daughter, Kloie. 

However, Sean is now in a different chapter of his life. The reality star went to rehab and got his act together. Since then, he has been trying hard to get his life back on track while also standing up to the responsibilities that is expected of him. In today's episode of the reunion special, Jade sheds light on why she was always supportive of Sean even though he was battling with substance abuse. 

Jade recalled that she lost her father when she was 6-months-old while adding that he struggled with addiction and depression. Jade revealed that he committed suicide. The reality star believes that her father might have been saved if someone was around to understand him or help him. 

She revealed that this was one of the reasons that she decided to stick with Sean while he was battling addiction. Jade acknowledged that there have been cases when people who have been drug addicts could not be saved but according to her, things become a lot easier when someone knows that there is somebody who believes in them. 

Talking about her relationship with Sean she stated that she only tried to be his support system as he tried to come out of addiction. She also hinted that they are in a much better state than there were when they first got into the relationship. 

Jade made it clear that she and Sean were seeing where things go and for now, are giving priority to their daughter, Kloie. She further revealed that since she has been invested in Sean's process of getting his act together she can identify if he has taken any drugs. Luckily, that day has not come. As of now, the pair is trying to enjoy as much time as they can together while also seeing if things could work out between them in the future. 

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