Stray Kids 'Oddinary': Release date, tracks, and all about extraordinarily odd comeback

Stray Kids 'Oddinary': Release date, tracks, and all about extraordinarily odd comeback
All eight members of Stray Kids participated in the production of the songs on the group's upcoming album 'Oddinary' that releases in March 2022 (@Stray_Kids/Twitter)

Stray Kids may be one of the most active K-pop groups in the industry as the group from JYP Entertainment keep Stays (their fans) busy with back-to-back releases. Six months after their official comeback with 'Noeasy' (stylized in all caps), that released in August 2021, the eight-member group announced their new mini-album, 'ODDINARY' (Oddinary) at the end of their second official fan meeting titled, ‘Stray Kids 2ND #LoveSTAY 'SKZ'S CHOCOLATE FACTORY’. They are giving their fans a speedy comeback indeed with their upcoming album releasing in March 2022. After all, they dropped their third compilation album, 'SKZ 2021' only a few months back in December 2021.


Stray Kids surprised fans by announcing the release of ‘Oddinary,’ which is typical of the sort of wordplay they are known for. The comeback album, by combining “odd” and “ordinary” in its name, promises to be extraordinary. Stray Kids are known to release albums and songs based on wordplay like ‘Hellevator’ — a combination of “hell” and “elevator” or 'Christmas EveL’ — a combination of “Christmas Eve” and “evil." ‘Their last full-length album 'Noeasy’ was a combination of “noisy” and “easy.” The album 'Oddinary' will be their eighth Korean EP that will be released in three different versions called the Frankenstein version, Scanning version, and the Mask Off version.



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Release Date

Stray Kids will release their eighth mini-album ‘Oddinary’ on March 18 at 6 pm KST (4 am ET).


How to Listen

The new EP ‘Oddinary’ from Strat Kids will be released on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn, and more.




1. ‘Venom’
2. ‘Maniac’ [Title Track]
3. ‘Charmer’ 
4. ‘Freeze’
5. ‘Lonely St.’ (Lonely Station)
6. ‘Waiting for Us’
7. ‘Muddy Water’

Stray Kids are set to release their seven-track mini-album 'Oddinary' on March 18 with 'Maniac' as its title track. Going by the song titles in the tracklist released, the album will showcase songs with different and distinct moods.


What's more, all eight members have helped create the songs. Stray Kids' members, Lee Know (Lee Minho), Hyunjin, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N, were all listed on the credits of some songs on the album along with the group's official production unit 3Racha made of Bang Chan, Changbin and Han.

Stray Kids are finally channeling their full potential with 'Oddinary'! Fans of Stray Kids will get to experience a mini-album from the group 2 years and 3 months since the release of 'Clé: Levanter' that released in December 2019. With passionate and dedicated fans all around the world, Stray Kids have a lot of attention focussed on them. The album is being produced in collaboration with the international production label - Republic Records -alongside their Korean label - JYP Entertainment.


The members released the tracklist for their upcoming mini-album, 'Oddinary' (@Stray_Kids/Twitter)


On March 4, Stray Kids released the new concept photos for their upcoming album, 'Oddinary,' in which all of the eight members of the fourth-gen group appeared in individual shots. With each member facing the camera, the photos revealed an X-rayed portion that showed three nails fixed on the skull of each member radiating a sci-fi thriller concept for their album.  Stray Kids members, namely, Bang Chan, Minho (Lee Know), Hyunjin, Changbin, Felix, Han, Seungmin, and Jeongin (I.N) revealed their unique 'monster-esque' aura in the this album, complimented by their intense eyes and unparalleled charisma. The image with the group's unique aura was also front and center in their blockbuster sci-fi movie-like poster with Frankenstein-inspired concepts like screws in the head.


Members of Stray Kids for the concept photos for their upcoming mini-album, 'Oddinary' (@Stray_Kids/Twitter)

Album Trailer

Stray Kids released their new trailer for the upcoming mini-album. Felix is seen wandering aimlessly in the city as he enters an unknown space, and runs into fellow members Bang Chan, Han, Seungmin, I.N, Hyunjin, Lee Know, and Changbin in the same order. Felix is faced with many unusual people throughout the trailer. He embraces the stories of each new face and learn about their lives in the blink of an eye. By the end of the video, Felix's eyes change to a mysterious color as if he has absorbed the stories of the other seven members.



Music Video

Stray Kids will release the music video for the title track, ‘Maniac’, from their first full-length album, ‘Oddinary’ on March 18 at 6 pm KST (4 am ET) along with the rest of the album.


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