Stray Kids on winning spree as they win Mnet’s M Countdown two weeks in a row

Stray Kids bag their sixth win for the song ‘Thunderous’ from their latest album ‘NOEASY’ as they win twice at Mnet’s ‘M Countdown’

                            Stray Kids on winning spree as they win Mnet’s M Countdown two weeks in a row
Stray Kids win a total of 10 awards at music shows in their career with their sixth music show win for the song 'Thunderous' (@Stray_Kids/Twitter)

The powerful fourth-generation group Stray Kids made their comeback with a full-length studio album, ‘NOEASY’ on August 23 and blew fans away with their mind-blowing concepts. Soon after the release of their album, the boys were invited to various music shows where they performed and competed against other groups and solo acts for winning titles on the show.

With 'Thunderous’ Stray Kids had already broken their own record for the most number of wins with a song as their older songs didn't give them many wins. Fans also were heartbroken when their most popular song, 'God's Menu’ received no wins at any music show. ‘Thunderous’ won for the first time at MBC’s 'Show Champion'.


Stray Kids scores hattrick of show wins with 'Thunderous' from album 'NOEASY'

Stray Kids' Thunderous comeback gives off Joseon era meets modern horror story vibes

Stray Kids bag their sixth music show win for the song'Thunderous' from the album, 'NOEASY' (@Stray_Kids/Twitter)

Stray Kids’ sixth consecutive win

Ever since their first win with 'Thunderous' on the September 1 'Show Champion' episode, the boys from Stray Kids have been winning first place at every single show they performed at thereafter. On September 9, Mnet's music program ‘M Countdown’ had their official broadcast for the second week of September. Stray Kids and BTOB competed for first place as Stray Kids beat the veterans by a close margin.

When asked to give a speech on their victory, Stray Kids said, “First of all, we want to say thank you because our Stay seems to have been by our side, and they always support us. It seems that they want to make us happy.” They continued by saying, “It is an honor to be competing against such a senior group. We want to give glory to the BTOB hyungs as well.”

Stray Kids from behind-the-scenes of their new video 'The View' from the album, 'NOEASY' (@Stray_Kids/Twitter)

Stray Kids thank Stays

In his speech, Bang Chan, the leader of the group also said, “This is the first time we have won 1st place for two weeks in a row on M Countdown. Thank you for making it possible Stays, and thank you very much to the JYP family for working hard and hard for us.”

This is their sixth consecutive win for 'Thunderous’ making it their first song to ever get them to such an amazing feat. Stray Kids’ most recent hit expresses the message which says they are young boys who should use their nagging voices and keep making creative music that is addictive and has people looking forward to it. Bang Chan called this genre of music the ‘maramat genre’ that induces strong addiction.

Stray Kids get their first music show win for 'Thunderous' on September 1, 2021 (@Stray_Kids/Twitter)

Other performances

Meanwhile, on this week's ‘M Countdown’ episode, fans got to see soloist and group performances. Kwon Eunbi, Baek Ayeon, Verivery, BTOB, Seongmin, Stray Kids were some of the performers.

The episode also saw performances from Ichilyn, Ace, MCND, Young K, OMEGA X, Lee Kichan, Lee Eunsang, Lee Hi, Purple Kiss, Fromis9, Hong Joohyun, Hwang Woo-rim, and Kang Hyeyeon. The episode also saw K-pop’s hot couple Hyuna & Dawn perform together for the first time ever as a duet with ‘Ping Pong’ the title track from their first mini-album, ‘1+1=1'.

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