Did NMIXX's debut ‘Ad Mare’ flop? Single ‘O.O’ called ‘worst song’ in history of K-pop

Did NMIXX's debut ‘Ad Mare’ flop? Single ‘O.O’ called ‘worst song’ in history of K-pop
With 'O.O' dropping out of Korean charts within a day of their debut, NMIXX is being called one of the least popular debuts from JYP Entertainment (@nmixx_official/Instagram)

From debut single ‘O.O’ getting leaked ahead of release to being called out for having similar concept and teaser as popular fourth-gen girl group aespa and Loona, JYP Entertainment’s rookie girl group NMIXX had a rough start ahead of their debut. Having their debut showcase postponed after a member of the group tested positive for Covid-19 didn't help matters either.

Fans of the group thought their debut would resolve all tensions and bring them more attention and that exactly has happened.

While the attention that NMIXX is getting at the moment is not really positive as fans of K-pop are alleging that the girl group is one of the most poorly performing groups from JYP Entertainment. NMIXX officially made their debut on February 22 with their single album ‘Ad Mare’, but much to the surprise of fans, their debut singles ‘O.O’ and ‘Tank’ got extremely underwhelming results on Korean charts.


NMIXX ‘O.O’: Ateez, aespa fans call out JYPE for plagiarizing, say 'put some respect'

Was NMIXX’s single 'O.O' LEAKED? Fans blame JYP Entertainment for ruining their debut

NMIXX's debut single, 'O.O' is being heavily criticized online  (@NMIXX_official/Twitter)

‘O.O’ debuts at #220 on Melon

The song that leaked ahead of NMIXX’s debut already had a lot of negative reviews that soured the debut of the group; but as soon as the music video for NMIXX’s debut single album ‘Ad Mare’s lead single ‘O.O’ was released, fans started comparing the video with the music videos of many Ateez songs and found that the videos were plagiarized to an alarming extent. Fans of aespa and Loona also lashed out at the group for their lack of originality but what came as a shocker was that NMIXX’s ‘O.O’ had an extremely low ranking on Korean charts.

On the day of its debut, ‘O.O’ entered at Number 220 on Korea’s Melon Music Chart while competitive groups that came from much smaller labels debuted in the Top 10. Not only that, K-pop charts users reported that the single was out of all major Korean charts in under a day of its release The single ‘O.O’ is being called the ‘worst song’ in the history of K-pop.




Even the b-side track from NMIXX's debut album, 'Tank', did not perform as expected by debuting at Number 75 on Spotify's K-pop Global Weekly Chart alongside 'O.O' debuting at Number 54 - both comparatively low for a girl group debuting from a company as big as JYP Entertainment


Did JYP want NMIXX to shock fans?

Some fans are also alleging that JYP could be getting more attention towards NMIXX with all the negative publicity directed towards them. With the intention of bringing a new genre of music to K-pop, JYP Entertainment tried to bring in the genre "mix pop" with the girl group but unlike Stray Kids and noise music, fans are not taking much liking to this new genre. 

Despite the backlash that NMIXX is facing online for their debut, sales for 'Ad Mare' are looking up. As of February 26, the group has recorded a total of 163,502 copies sold of their debut album that significantly peaked three days after its release, hinting at how the negative attention may have worked in their favor in terms of sales. 




'NMIXX's song is already out of charts'

K-pop fans are being extremely brutal about NMIXX's new single, as one user said, "Nmixx being the first to flop in jype in terms of debuting shitty song and their visuals are worst than gfriend. Vocals is mid at best. Only lilym is carrying the group. An embarrasement leach-really. Imagine buying an album and being hype for this group from last year?" One more user said, "Still flopped." One VIVIZ fan said, "Nmixx debut beating viviz wt?????? their song is alr out of charts less than 1 day & their sales are decent as well. February for Viviz not Nmixx."

One user said, "Don’t compare #IVE with #NMIXX. One group has a debut song that is still charting while the other group has a debut song that is out of the charts after 24 hours." One NMIXX fan said, "Wait for their comeback. JYP is really planning something big with this group and their comeback will blow up the music industry. Note my words." Another K-pop fan said, "I'm no nmixx Stan, and I'll wait for their cb to judge it. I mean ik it's not the girls' fault but their company. That doesn't mean I'm gonna defend their debut song tho. It's so shitty to the point it went out of KR charts. These girls deserve better."

One user said, "O.O is out of all charts. i think the admin isn't posting real-time charts (even tho we are charting in bugs sometimes) is because they don't want people throw hate to the girls." One user said, "Nmixx plagiarizing loona but left out the musical quality." One user said, "The NMIXX song sounds like a flop song to me. JYP really needed that coke money for the MV." One user said, "Nmixx about to be the first JYP girl group to flop miserably at debut and it’ll be deserved." One user said, "I just watched nmixx flop mv, don’t worry, itzy is more than safe." Another user said, "NMIXX is about to be JYP new flop group like Treasure for YG."
























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