Steve Aoki's BTS 'MIC Drop' remix gets 1B views on YouTube, thanks ARMY with megamix

Steve Aoki thanked ARMY and BTS for 1B YouTube views for 'MIC Drop' remix music video and released a 22-minute megamix in celebration

                            Steve Aoki's BTS 'MIC Drop' remix gets 1B views on YouTube, thanks ARMY with megamix
BTS and Steve Aoki's 'MIC Drop' reached 1B views on YouTube (@steveaoki/ Instagram)

It is without doubt that BTS’ ‘MIC Drop’ is a banger. Released in 2017 as a b-side track to their album ‘Love Yourself: Her’, the fiery song ended up getting remixed by none other than DJ Steve Aoki. The DJ has had several iconic collaborations with K-pop groups. However, ‘MIC Drop’ was the first track that Aoki and BTS worked together on. It ended up at #1 on US iTunes Top Songs chart and also got BTS their first entry in the top 40 of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. The remix version also features rapper Desiigner of ‘Panda’ fame.

On July 26, 2021, BTS’ ‘MIC Drop’ remix with Steve Aoki reached over 1B views on YouTube. It also happens to have 15M likes. Aoki starts off the music video with cloaked silhouettes standing in the background. As the song begins, J-hope is at the center, leading the group with a rap, followed by Suga’s verse. With intercuts of blue and red lighting, Jimin and Jin build the crescendo during the pre-chorus and Aoki takes the focus from there with EDM-heavy beats during the chorus.


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BTS' 'MIC Drop' Steve Aoki remix reaches 1B views

On hearing the news of the music video’s achievement, Aoki was touched and he thanked BTS and ARMY for getting him his first 1 billion views in a music video. Not only that, he went one step further by dropping a megamix in celebration. He stated that in honor of such amazing fans, he had made a BTS megamix with new edits and remixes. The 22-minute compilation has remixes from tracks including ‘Dynamite’ and ‘Butter’. He also added original remixes with a couple of edits of ‘MIC Drop’ and ‘Waste It On Me’. Additionally, the mix also includes MAX’s ‘Blueberry Eyes’ which features Suga and BTS’ ‘The Truth Untold’.

Aoki also released a video thanking ARMY and he also talked about how it was working with BTS. “It’s been an extraordinary experience and these guys are so amazing, just beautiful human beings.” When they asked him to remix ‘MIC Drop’, he knew he had to go all out and said, “I have to give it the goods. And I’m so happy that the world latched on to it.” He was also pleasantly surprised with the covers and interpretations that the fans did to hype up the song. And for their support, Aoki wanted to give something back and so he made this megamix.


This is BTS’ fourth music video to reach 1 billion views on YouTube. ‘DNA’, ‘Boy With Luv’ and ‘Dynamite’ are the first three BTS music videos to hit the 1 billion mark. It seems that ‘Fake Love’ and ‘Idol’ might be next to make it with both music videos having at least 968M views.

Watch the ‘One Billion Streams’ megamix below.


Watch the original music video below.


'This is such a fun mix!'

Fans were excited as they ended up trending ‘One Billion Streams’ on Twitter. One fan tweeted, “Do you think my neighbors will mind if I blast the Mic Drop Celebration Megamix through my loud ass speakers?” Another fan tweeted, “The @steveaoki #MicDrop1B Celebration Remix of @BTS_twt songs really cured me of my grumpiness this morning. That set was epic! I could listen to it all day.” One fan tweeted, “This is such a fun mix!!  Congratulations BTS and Steve Aoki!  You certainly deserve this milestone!!” Another tweeted, “What an emotional roller coaster. Thank you @steveaoki for such a heartfelt celebration of the amazing @BTS_twt.”





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