Will Monsta X break 7-year curse? OT7 fans hope group leaves Starship to re-debut with Wonho

As 3 out of 6 Monsta X members are revealed to be still negotiating their contracts, fans of the group hope to see Wonho back with his former members

                            Will Monsta X break 7-year curse? OT7 fans hope group leaves Starship to re-debut with Wonho
With Shownu, Hyungwon, and Kihyun renewing their contracts with Starship Entertainment, fans hope that Jooheon, Minhyuk, and I.M’s renegotiation leads to Wonho’s re-entry into Monsta X (@OfficialMonstaX; @official__wonho/Twitter)

A lot of unconventional things have been taking place in the K-pop industry and one boy group that has been through a lot of challenges is Starship Entertainment’s 2015 boy group, Monsta X. The group initially debuted with members and all was going pretty well with the Monsta X becoming extremely popular internationally despite coming from a rather unpopular label at the time. But, back in 2019, ex-member Wonho was embroiled in a questionable controversy that seemingly changed the fate of the group.

Wonho took accountability for the scandal as he took an exit from the boy group so as to not ruin the public image of Monsta X. While he was accused of many things, drug use being one of them took a toll on the singer but even though the allegations were proved false after a legal investigation, Wonho felt it was best to make a solo debut and not rejoin the boy group Monsta X. Some OT7 fans (fans of all seven members) of the group believed that the label did not do anything to protect the singer when he needed a lot of support and also complained about how Wonho, who was later proven innocent was not forced to join his group.


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Members Jooheon, Minhyuk, and I.M are the last hope of desperate OT7 fans of Monsta X who want to see Wonho rejoin the boy group (Starship Entertainment)

Monsta X members are still negotiating their contracts

Now that Wonho and his fans have moved past the scandal, the singer debuted as a solo artist under the label, Highline Entertainment which is also a subsidiary of Starship Entertainment. Some fans of the group are not willing to let go of Wonho as a member of Monsta X because of the fond memories they saw the idol share with his former members. The debate about having an OT7 group with all seven Monsta X members has now resurfaced as it has been revealed that only three out of the six current members of Monsta X have renewed their contracts with the label.

Just like many other K-pop groups, Monsta X signed a seven-year contract with Starship Entertainment back in 2015 and this year is when the contract comes to an end. It was reported that members Kihyun and Hyungwon alongside leader Shownu who is currently in the military had already renewed their contracts with the label. But, members Minhyuk, Jooheon and I.M (Changkyun) were still discussing their respective contract renewals. On May 9, Starship Entertainment announced that in-depth discussions had been going on with members Minhyuk, Jooheon, and I.M that aims to work in the best interest of members and the entire group.


Will Monsta X return as 7 members again?

Monsta X members’ split decision for contract renewal has a lot of OT7 fans of the group hoping that the boy group decides to leave their label and re-debut with former member Wonho under a new label. Fans are also aware of the close bond all members had with Wonho back when he was still part of the group and have also seen hints of members being in touch with Wonho even though none of the members publicly address Wonho just as the ‘Open Mind’ singer Wonho never mentions his former boy group in public.

Fans think that going under a new label would give the boys a lot more freedom than what they already have which is why some fans of the group are hoping for an OT7 group all over again. One fan said, “​​The whole South Korea needs to apologise to monsta x and wonho in hand written apology with blood.” One fan hoped, “Now SS Ent. can make amend by adding Wonho back and  make OT7, allowing them to have freedom for  joint and solo music. So both mbbs and weenees will be happy. MX and Wonho are capable of doing both. Their contract is shortly due for renewal, is it not?”


'Can you imagine a Monsta X OT7?'

One fan of Wonho countered, “Wonho doesn't want to be in Monsta X. He was given the opportunity to return and decided against it, and there was a huge falling out. The group basically never even refers to him publicly, let alone say his name. It's really quite sad.” One fan said, “Min I trust that you can be the only one who returns to WH with Monsta X, don't let yourself be pressured my little one, monbebe is supporting you.” Another fan wished, “Can you imagine a Monsta X OT7? WISH."

One more fan hoped, “I will still always hope and long for Monsta X OT7.” One Monbebe supported, “Whatever your decisions are, i hope in conclusion you're still together as monsta x please... @OfficialMonstaX.” Another responded, “We are still hoping for an OT7 reunion.” One fan manifested, “I wish they left this company and renews their contract with a new company and return with wonho so we can see ot7 together like before. I know I'm dreaming.”






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