Is Sofia Carson getting a tattoo? 'Purple Hearts' actress reveals how she prepared for Cassie's role

Is Sofia Carson getting a tattoo? 'Purple Hearts' actress reveals how she prepared for Cassie's role
'Purple Hearts' Production Still (Netflix)

Sofia Carson is undoubtedly one of the brightest talents working in the industry right now and has proved her worth as an actor by doing a wide range of work, she started her career with Disney as a guest star on the 'Austin & Ally' series. After garnering praise for her role in 'Austin & Ally', she packed a permanent spot in Disney's 'Descendants' franchise, and  ‎'A Cinderella Story: if the shoe fits'. Not long after wrapping up with Disney, she started exploring and has been seen starring in Freeform's 'Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists', Netflix's 'Feel the Beat' where she revived her singing talents and sang 'Always' for the movie, and 'Songbird' which you can stream on Netflix. 

As every Disney popular star like Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and Selena Gomez had their own journey when they broke through the stereotype which made their fans intensively inquisitive, similarly, Carson is too. Fans started to wonder 'Does Disney's rebel princess have any tattoos?' Unfortunately, no she doesn't have any tattoos of her own, however in her most recent film 'Purple Hearts', (which is about an aspiring singer-songwriter and a soldier, who fall hopelessly in love despite their differences and against all odds) she was demanded to play a character who had some tattoos, as Carson has none, she seized the opportunity to pick the not-so-permanent tattoos herself. 


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Sofia Carson was recently interviewed by TheWrap, where she discussed how hard it was to get a grip on her character in the movie (Purple Hearts), Cassie, a budding music artist who has Type-1 diabetes and doesn’t have health insurance. Carson confessed that her physical transformation helped her a lot to get in the right mindset and prepare her for playing the role of Cassie. One of the tattoos that Carson handpicked for her character is, "I'll never touch the blue side of the sky," which is also the lyrics of the song she sang and wrote for the movie- 'Blue Side of the Sky'.

Carson described her character in the interview saying that "Cassie is loose, liberal, and free." She further adds, "She (Cassie) has fought for her whole life, fighting for justice in an unjust system, healthcare, for her dreams, and no matter how close she was to achieve them she could never touch the sky." Hence the "I'll never touch the blue side of the sky" tattoo.

Purple Hearts Still !
'Purple Hearts' Production Still by Netflix

Carson's character Cassie had a tattoo collection that she handpicked as she thought it embodied her character. Among all the tattoos Carson picked for her character, the fans have noticed a few butterflies on her wrist (Butterflies symbolize change), 'Luke' written on her ring finger (Luke is her husband's name in the film), 'Brave' written on the other wrist (Brave because Cassie's character is always in a battle against her health and the unjust system, and she has to fight them against all odds), sun tattoo near her thumb (sun symbolizes light), and a shooting star on her arms (Shooting star symbolizes striving to be better or achieving your dreams).

In another recent interview by The Nerds of Color Carson was asked 'if she ever wanted to get a tattoo of any lyrics or something which is symbolic, what would she get and why?' she said she always loved butterflies, and if she ever gets a tattoo it would be of a butterfly but there is no confirmation when will she get it. 

However, Carson feels Cassie was her “greatest challenge as an actor,” noting that, to really find Cassie within herself, she had to fully “surrender” to the character. “And it was one of the most beautiful experiences that I’ve had as an actor,” she added.

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