Why was 'SNL Korea' shut down? Fans slam SM as Red Velvet's Wendy joins reboot cast

Problematic show 'SNL Korea' returns, fans scared for Red Velvet's Wendy as she's announced to join the reboot's cast as a regular

                            Why was 'SNL Korea' shut down? Fans slam SM as Red Velvet's Wendy joins reboot cast
Red Velvet's Wendy joins 'SNL Korea' 2021 (Instagram)

'Saturday Night Live' (SNL) is an American variety show with comedic sketches that got so popular, there was a Korean version of it called 'SNL Korea' that ran for seven years on tvN’s channel. It was forced to end in 2017 after several serious controversies. The show suffered majorly when fans of K-pop groups realized that there was evidence of female crew members behaving inappropriately with groups like B1A4, INFINITE and even Block B. This is why the reboot is facing much criticism as it has hired the same crew along with Red Velvet’s Wendy.

The original 'SNL Korea' had been slammed by viewers for making racist jokes. At one point, they mocked a breast cancer survivor right after apologizing for their mistakes in the same episode. Videos of female crew members groping male idols started circulating as production claimed that it was a fun hazing ritual. The reckoning that followed was expected as the show’s viewership and reputation fell to the point that the show was canceled, making fans wonder why SM Entertainment even considered the reboot for Wendy.

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Red Velvet’s Wendy joins the reboot

With the announcement of the reboot back in February 2021, there were mixed reactions as some were excited for a new variety show while others hoped that it wouldn’t be as problematic as the original. It was understood that the cast and crew would include new members as well as familiar faces. Shin Dongyup, who had been the MC of the original would be returning as the main MC once again. Actress Cha Cheong-hwa of ‘Mr Queen’ fame and Red Velvet’s Wendy were announced as some of the members joining the show.

Since Cheong-hwa is known for her comedic acting, production is excited to see her. However, fans were confused as to what a singer like Wendy was doing on a comedy show. Previously, it had been claimed that her company, SM Entertainment had rejected several singing offers which would have helped her show off her talent. Fans were also scared that the problematic reputation of the original 'SNL Korea' would affect Wendy’s image.

Many want SM to reject the offer

Fans believed that had there been a fresh cast and crew with the promise that the reboot would not be as problematic as the original 'SNL Korea', they could have supported Wendy’s participation. Since many of the fans were excited about Wendy’s newest gig and had no clue as to why it was a bad idea, others took to Twitter to trend ‘FREE WENDY’ and #WENDY_OUT_SNL to explain the situation and request SM to cancel Wendy’s appearance. 

One was excited for Wendy's newest show as they tweeted, "Wendy joined 'SNL Korea', which will be released in the second half of this year. Wendy is booked again." But another explained why they were upset on seeing Wendy being attached to 'SNL Korea', “Some people are a little confused on why wluvs are a little upset to see that W has been booked for SNL Korea... this is a little bit of what the show is known for. It's problematic to say the least.” Another pointed out, “SNL Korea always sexualizes the women on the show in past seasons so if you can’t stand for the objectification of women but are gloating about wendy being on SNL Korea you have a big issue. SM being ok to send their female singer on the show is especially concerning.”

One suggested shows Wendy could have been on instead, “BEGIN AGAIN, SEA OF HOPE those are shows we hoped Wendy can guest or even star since it looked more suited for her. But no, they just literally set her up again and casted her at that effin problematic show. JUST CANCEL SNL KOREA PLS. FREE WENDY.” Another tweeted, “I would've supported the idea of the show wanting to change its past image to a positive one but using the same crew that were involved in those past controversies????”