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Will Girls' Generation reunite as OT8? Here's what SM Congress 2021's 'Goddess of Sound' means

SM Entertainment called Girls’ Generation the 'Goddess of Sound' of SMCU and fans were emotional with the possibility of an OT8 reunion
A possible reunion of Girls' Generation has fans over the moon (Valerie Macon/Getty Images)
A possible reunion of Girls' Generation has fans over the moon (Valerie Macon/Getty Images)

Back in November 2020, there was much talk about the word “KWANGYA” when Aespa first debuted and then again when it was mentioned in NCT U’s '90’s Love'. After finding several easter eggs across different SM groups, it turned out that these were all hints for something bigger that SM Entertainment had in mind. Turns out, Aespa was the very first element of the project, SM Culture Universe aka SMCU. Like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it meant that the music videos and storytelling of different SM groups would all be connected. This was again visible with EXO’s 'Don’t Fight The Feeling'. But would the older inactive groups such as Girls’ Generation be a part of it?

Thanks to the press conference, SM Congress 2021, held on June 29, we now know the answer. SM has been one of the leading K-pop companies in the industry and is responsible for the creation of several iconic groups. Well, credit is given where it’s due with the company focusing on reviving their older groups, which brought SM to new heights of fame, through different projects such as the SM Remastering Project which will re-release older music videos in HD quality. However, that’s not it. SM also plans to bring back the older groups by including them in their other plans such as the SMCU and this also includes Girls’ Generation aka SNSD. 


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Who Is the Goddess of Sound?

During the presentation, SM finally elaborated on the cryptic KWANGYA and explained how everything is connected. KWANGYA is the name of the universe in the SMCU and the SM groups involved would use storytelling in their music videos to explain the birth of this universe. While showing hints of KWANGYA in the third-gen groups, SM acknowledged leaving out their older groups such as SHINee and Girls’ Generation so far and tried to appease fans by hinting that these older groups will be given a bigger role in the SMCU. Calling SHINee the “Five Lights” and Girls’ Generation the “Goddess of Sound,” SM allotted different responsibilities to the SMCU groups.

On the release of this news, fans took to Twitter to hype it up with one tweeting, “SO THERE'S A BIG CHANCE SNSD WILL BE INCLUDED IN KWANGYA THINGY AND SMCU IDK WHAT TO REACT.” Another level-headed fan analyzed the video and broke it down for the rest of us, “Boa, birthed the SM Cinematic Universe. TVXQ, the speed of light and sound. SJ, transends space. SNSD, the goddesses of sound. SHINee, the five lights. EXO, their supernatural powers. RV, transcendental beings. Gods, appear one after another. And the neophytes, NCT and aespa.”



The OT8 reunion

Fans also noticed a pattern during the revelation of the SMCU groups. Super Junior, SHINee, EXO, Red Velvet and Girls’ Generation were placed in this particular order when announcing them as the gods of SMCU. This also happens to be the comeback order of Super Junior, SHINee and EXO. With hints of a Red Velvet comeback, SONEs think that it means Girls’ Generation too might have a comeback after Red Velvet. It didn’t help that the presentation also included an OT8 clip of the girls, which left fans in a tizzy.

While the reunion isn’t really confirmed, it didn’t stop SONEs as one fan tweeted, “If the gods appear one after another,,, snsd might appear right after rv?????????” Even an Aespa fan was excited at the possibility of the reunion as they tweeted, “Not aespa related but the fact that sm used a clip of ot8 and said “소녀시대” instead of “snsd oh!gg” makes me emo ot8 cb is really possible.” Looks like after such a long hiatus, SONEs are being fed quite well as another user pointed it out, “Is @GirlsGeneration doing a news relay? which is next? Sooyoung and Yuri new drama? Hyoyeon comeback? Sunny solo? Yoona movie and drama casting confirmations? SNSD COMEBACK?? WHAT A DAY SONES WHAT A DAY!”