‘On Air-Spinoff’ postponed after Covid-19 outbreak on set, iKON's Jay awaits result

‘On Air-Spinoff’ postponed after Covid-19 outbreak  on set, iKON's Jay awaits result
Yubin, Wonho, MIRAE's Dongpyo and iKON's Jay (Instagram, Twitter)

South Korea has long been commended for the way they have been handling the global pandemic. While the rest of the world came to a standstill and have only recently been opening up, the K-pop industry has been active with full force but with precautions. This can be seen in the way production handled the shooting of a new show, ‘On Air-Spinoff’ - immediately getting stars like iKON’s Jay tested when someone tested positive on the sets.

A few hours ago, it was announced that there had been a Covid-19 outbreak on the sets of ‘On Air-Spinoff’ as a staff member had tested positive. All the performances came to a stop as the cast and crew present were asked to get tested. Unfortunately, Noir's Kim Minhyuk, who was cast in the role of a ‘Daldal Crew’ ended up testing positive. In turn, everyone involved was alerted of the situation.

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Show on halt as idols test for COVID-19

Yubin and Wonho’s agencies informed that the artists are safe since they had not been present while the positive staff member was on set. As for iKON’s Jay, he has been tested and is awaiting results even though he did not show any symptoms.


For MIRAE’s Dongpyo, even though he did not come into contact with the positive patient, he has also been tested as a precaution and is currently waiting for the results. Meanwhile, singer Baek A-yeon tested negative, but will be self-quarantining. 

The show has been put on a temporary halt till July 18 and the rest of the schedule will be created accordingly after some of the cast and crew’s quarantine is over and the test results are out. Along with the artists mentioned above, the idol lineup included VICTON’s Heo Chan and Sejun and GFriend’s Yerin who would be the DJs of the show.


As for the actors involved, Park Jin-joo, Rubi, Han Jun-young, Hashtag’s Hyunji and Dajung, Noir’s Se-heon and Ho-yeon along with Minhyuk were cast to reenact the stories that were sent on the show.

The show is a spin-off of the surprisingly popular ‘On Air-The Secret Contract’. ‘On Air-Spinoff’ is a musical that was going to have a theatre-style visible radio format, where the stars could communicate with fans who send their stories to the idol DJs.


The performances were set to take place from July 3 to August 15 at Uniplex Art Theater 1st Hall. However, tickets for offline as well as online viewing has been cancelled for now since the show is on pause till July 18.


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 Idols like iKON's Jay get tested as there is a COVID-19 outbreak on set of 'On Air-Spinoff'