John Mayer gives shoutout to Blackpink's Rose's cover of ‘Slow Dancing In A Burning Room’

Rosé trends as John Mayer notices her cover of his song 'Slow Dancing In A Burning Room' for variety show 'Sea of Hope'

                            John Mayer gives shoutout to Blackpink's Rose's cover of ‘Slow Dancing In A Burning Room’
John Mayer retweeted Rosé's version (John Mayer, Rosé's Instagram)

JTBC’s 'Sea of Hope' has only aired its first episode but it’s already the talk of town. The new variety show is a blend of music performances as well as other activities like cooking with a diverse cast from SHINee’s Onew to Lee Dong-wook of Tale of the Nine-Tailed fame and Goblin’s Kim Go-eun. The guest list is equally star-studded as their very first guest was none other than BLACKPINK’s Rosé. The guests visit a beach cafe and are fed sea-food delicacies cooked by the hosts themselves and later on perform songs with a beach vibe as they take in the scenic view. 

To promote their 4+1 Project and BLACKPINK The Movie, Rosé appeared on the show. As it was the very first episode, the cast took it upon themselves to have the show run smoothly by personally overseeing the preparation. During such a rehearsal, Rosé covered John Mayer’s 'Slow Dancing In A Burning Room', accompanied by SHINee's Onew, AKMU's Suhyun and Yoon Jong-shin, and which later ended up going viral on Twitter and even its original singer noticed it.

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Rosé's Cover

It got to the point that just half a day later, Mayer noticed Rosé’s cover of his song. BLACKPINK’s main vocalist did such a stupendous job that Mayer was awed by the cover. Her acoustic version was a soft and sweet take on the bittersweet yet romantic song that talks about a fading relationship where neither one wants to let go first.

Mayer not only retweeted mentioning the K-Pop star’s cover, but fans noticed that it was the first tweet he had liked since 2018: “This is taking me out john mayer hasnt liked a tweet since march 2018 but liked rosé's cover of his song.”

Not only that, he also went as far as to post it on his Instagram story; Rosé, who is a huge fan of the country singer noticed it and reshared the story back on her Instagram with a totally cute caption as she couldn’t believe that her favorite singer had seen her cover. Fans found it endearing as they tweeted, “Rosé reposted John Mayer's ig story about her! "What...? No way..... Pinch me." She's so cute.”



Blinks were excited as they realized that this brief interaction could actually mean bigger things. One fan tweeted, “Hope you two can meet soon and discuss about the music you both enjoy (and maybe do a collab).” And some outright asked for a collaboration which they know would be amazing, “How about a duet with Ms. Roseanne.” Many were actually pleasantly surprised that Mayer knew Rosé’s spelling and knew that this little fact would delight Rosé, “Rosé girl it’s time to wake up!!!!! (even John Mayer can try his best to type the right É.”




Watch Rosé's cover below.