SHINee's Minho announces online and offline solo fan meet ‘BEST CHOI's MINHO 2021’

For the first time after enlistment, Choi Minho will meet fans without other SHINee members in an offline as well as online event in December

                            SHINee's Minho announces online and offline solo fan meet ‘BEST CHOI's MINHO 2021’
SHINee's Minho will meet fans in-person for the first time after completing his military enlistment (choiminho_1209/Instagram; @SHINee/Twitter)

With SHINee’s Maknae, Taemin in the military, there is not much the group can do in terms of group activities. One of the members, Choi Minho, is using the time well to pursue his solo activities before the final member returns from the military next year. Key of SHINee is fully invested in his solo music career with his last released album ‘Bad Love’ as well as his online concert and multiple variety show appearances.

Meanwhile, the group's leader Onew is focused on his variety show career as he first appeared as a regular cast member of the variety show, ‘Sea of Hope’ where celebrities cook and sing for guests. He also joined the cast of the variety show ‘March of the Ants Chapter 5’ in September of 2021. Minho, on the other hand, is working on perfecting his solo acting career with multiple acting projects. Before he gets busy with these activities, the idol has announced his solo concert to greet fans.


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Minho announces ‘BEST CHOI's MINHO 2021’

With idols from K-pop announcing fan meets over the last few weeks, fans of the genre of music are finally feeling the pandemic getting over. Covid-19 had seemingly put an end to many K-pop-related activities but with the industry gearing up for more in-person activities with fans, they are not going to put a hold on online activities that hugely benefitted international fans of K-pop. On November 24, SM Entertainment, Minho’s agency announced that the idol will be holding an in-person fanmeet event this December.

Not just that, the event will also be available for international fans who could join the event online at the same time with valid tickets. Minho will meet fans for his first solo fanmeet titled, ‘BEST CHOI's MINHO 2021’ on December 21 which will be held at the ‘Grand Theater of Donghae Culture and Arts Center’ in Kwangwoon University, Seoul, South Korea. Tickets for the event will go on sale starting November 29 and will be limited to SHINee’s fan club members.


Minho’s last in-person fanmeet

The last fanmeet Minho attended was before his military enlistment back in March 2019 titled ‘CHOI MINHO FAN MEETING TOUR ENCORE’. This meeting was held almost three years ago while Minho has promised fans with his upgraded charm through various events planned for the fanmeet such as stage performances as well as games while he will meet fans in person.


For fans around the world who cannot attend the offline event, the fan meeting will be broadcast live on the ‘Beyond LIVE’ channel of Naver VLive. Minho, on the other hand, was last seen as Woogi in the tvN drama, ‘Yumi’s Cells’ while he has been confirmed as the main lead of the Netflix series ‘The Fabulous’ as well as Kakao TV's original short horror series, ‘Goosebumps’ for a special episode.

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