Key releases futuristic video for 'Bad Love', fans say 'Kibum never disappoints'

With the release of his first Korean mini-album 'Bad Love', SHINee's Key gives fans a new favorite to look forward to

                            Key releases futuristic video for 'Bad Love', fans say 'Kibum never disappoints'
Key releases music video for 'Bad Love' after pre-released single 'Hate That...' topped charts (SM Town/YouTube)

Now that SHINee's Key has officially made a comeback with 'Bad Love', fans finally are able to see his emotions through the album. With this pre-release, 'Hate That...' featuring Girls Generation's Taeyeon, Key cried the woes of a lover, who had suffered heartbreak after his lover left him with feelings of lifelessness and regret.

The song became a success on many domestic charts as fans loved the chemistry between Key and Taeyeon and that added more anticipation for Key's first solo comeback. Before the release of his album, Key held his first online solo concert to help promote the album. The concert held for Key was broadcast by the world's first online-only concert 'Beyond Live' on September 26, raising expectations for a comeback by releasing the stages of new songs including the title song 'Bad Love' for the first time.

In his concert, Key performed 'Bad Love' for the first time and also released songs from his first regular album such as 'Don't Pretend', 'Forever Yours' and 'Imagine'.


SHINee’s Key ropes in Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon for Hate That album’s pre-release

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SHINee's Key shows a wide range of emotions in the peppy music video for 'Bad Love' (SM Town/YouTube)

Shinee's Key makes a comeback

The music video for the title song of Key's latest album, ‘Bad Love’ was released on September 27, 2021, at 6 pm KST (5 am ET) on YouTube globally on SM Entertainment’s official YouTube channel, SMTown. The album was also released on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn, and more.

The mini-album consists of six songs with the title song 'Bad Love', 'Saturday Night' and 'A-Teen' written by Key himself. The pre-released song 'Hate That...' featuring Taeyeon is also included in the album. In addition, two other songs titled 'Yellow Tape' and 'Helium' complete the mini-album.

SHINee's Key for 'Bad Love' (SM Town/YouTube)

Key's peppy alien invasion

The title song 'Bad Love' is a pop dance song that creates a retro mood with a strong synth sound and a lively beat. In the video, Key is first seen in front of a retro TV where he sees his alter ego sit across a talk-show host as he promotes a song. Key's alter-ego is a performer, who is soon to be invaded by someone from outer space and it is in the hands of Key to stop the invasion from happening. The video sees Key perform his heart out as he dances to the beat and sings his heart out.

Watch the music video below.


'Kim Kibum never disappoints

As soon as the song was released, Shawols and Key's other fans started talking about how the track took over their favorites and has made it to the top of their list. They even called it the best song any of the members from SHINee has released so far. One fan said, "KIM KIBUM NEVER DISAPPOINTS. THE CONCEPTS ARE EVERYTHING. HE WORKED HARD & FOUGHT FOR THIS SO LET'S GIVE WHAT HE DESERVES." Another fan said, "Kim kibum never disappoints. all shinee comebacks never disappoint." One more fan said, "I just wanna know who hurt KEY this year because-"

One fan said, "Kim Kibum KEY is not labeled as a top all-rounder idol for no reason. Now, this is how an amazing singer, dancer, rapper, fashion designer, actor, and multilingual artist produce a masterpiece. Indeed, a SHINee product! You are really born to shine, our almighty Key. HANDS DOWN." Another fan said, "I THOUGHT I ALREADY EXPECTED THE BEST COOLEST SONG AND MUSIC VIDEO EVER AND HERE IS KIBUM EXCEEDING ALL OF IT. key is not human i swear its true." One more fan pointed, "I'm addicted! #BADLOVE is so good, I can't stop listening and watching it!!!"












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