‘Extreme Debut Wild Idol’: SHINee Minho, 2PM Jun.K and more idols join survival show

‘Extreme Debut Wild Idol’: SHINee Minho, 2PM Jun.K and more idols join survival show
VAV's Ayno, Brave Girls' Yujeong, 2PM's Jun.K, SHINee's Minho join the show (@mbc_wildidol, @bravegirls.official, @shinee/Instagram, @follow_2pm/Twitter)

The K-pop industry has several survival shows that lead to the winners debuting in K-pop groups or already debuted artists gaining new heights of fame. A few months ago we saw the intense survival show ‘Kingdom’ with already popular groups from BTOB to Ateez. Currently, we are in the midst of ‘Girls Planet 999’ and ‘Street Woman Fighter’ which is the first all-female dance crew competition. And now MBC has launched the survival show ‘Extreme Debut: Wild Idol’.

However, ‘Extreme Debut: Wild Idol’ is not your usual run of the mill talent show. While the contestants will be showcasing their talent with the usual winning and elimination format, there is a catch. MBC is taking the term survival literally by dropping the 45 participants in the wild. Their missions will also include them trying to survive in nature as it will test their physical capabilities. And it has a star-studded cast with the likes of Minho and Minzy joining the show. Here's a look at all the idols on the show.

‘Extreme Debut: Wild Idol’: Release date, participants and all about MBC survival show

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Idol mentors and judges

The mentors who will be coaching and judging the participants include the likes of rapper and producer Tiger JK, rapper Bizzy, choreographer Lia Kim, Kim Jongwan of the indie-rock band Nell and Infinite’s Sunggyu. SHINee’s Minho and Minzy of the former girl group 2NE1 will be joining as special mentors. First-gen icon Kim Jongkook will be the host with actor and singer Cha Taehyun of ‘Police University’ fame.

Lee Sunbin, Lee Hyunyi, Yujeong, Jun.K, Taeil and Niel (@sunbin_eyesmag, @lee.hyunyi, @bravegirls.official, @2taeil2/Instagram, @TEEN_TOP/Twitter)


Idol turned actress Lee Sunbin and model Lee Hyunyi will be helping the participants with their missions while Brave Girls’ Yujeong will also be mentoring them. 2PM’s Jun. K, Block B’s Taeil and Teen Top’s Niel were also seen filming with the participants and might be guest mentors on the show.

Idol participants

The names of the participants will not be revealed and the show will address them by tag numbers. But viewers already know some of them since they have already debuted. Since these idols probably feel like they have not been doing very well, the survival show seems like a second chance for them. Some contestants are even popular trainees and participants of past survival shows. These are the 25 participants that are known.

Kangmin, Kijoong, Jiseong, Jinkwon, Doha, Ayno (@mbc_wildidol/Twitter)


#4 - Kangmin. He is the main vocalist and the maknae (youngest) of third-gen group TRCNG. 

#6 - Kijoong. He was the maknae and vocalist of IM66’s sub-unit IM. He also was one of the winners of the survival show ‘The Unit’ that formed the boy group UNB. He went viral for being the center of ‘The Unit’ single ‘My Turn’.

#9 - Jiseong. He is the main rapper and producer of the 10-member rookie group NTX. 

#10 - Jinkwon. He is the leader of the fourth-gen group New Kidd. He also had a supporting role in the Korean BL (boy love) drama ‘To My Star’. 

#12 - Doha. He is a rapper and vocalist in the rookie boy group BAE173. He was a child actor and was cast by SM and BigHit. He is also the main lead in the upcoming K-drama ‘Love in Black Hole’. 

#15 - Ayno. He is the main rapper and main dancer in VAV. He had also participated in the survival show ‘No Mercy’ that was responsible for forming Monsta X and also almost debuted with Boyfriend.

Sangha, Jinyeol, Yuri, Jueun, Taehoon, Junghun (@mbc_wildidol/Twitter)


#17 - Park Sangha. He was a trainee at A Team Entertainment, home to VAV. 

#18 - Park Jinyeol. He participated in the survival show ‘Produce X 101’ that formed the boy group X1. 

#19 - Park Yuri. The Russian-Korean model made waves for playing a Shax member in the K-drama ‘Imitation’. He participated in ‘Produce X 101’. He was also a part of the duo JxR’s which disbanded and he appeared in f(x) Luna’s ‘Free Somebody’ music video. 

#20 - Jueun. He is a rapper and dancer and part of the pre-debut group CLIMIX. 

#22 - Taehoon. He is a rapper and vocalist and a part of CLIMIX. He had also participated in the survival show ‘Cap-teen’. 

#23 - Junghun. He was a vocalist in the now inactive boy group Astin.

Sunghyuk, Yeong-gwang, Timothée, Jaechan, Jae-eok, Jaejun (@mbc_wildidol/Twitter)


#24 - Sunghyuk. He was the vocalist and maknae of the project group RAINZ. He had also participated in ‘Produce 101’s’ season 2 that formed Wanna One. 

#25 - Yeong-gwang. He is the vocalist, visual and the maknae of the fourth-gen group Vanner. 

#26 - Anzardi Timothée. The French-Korean model previously participated in ‘Produce X 101’. 

#28 - Jaechan. He is part of the rookie hip-hop duo XRO. He also participated in ‘Produce 101’s’ season 2. 

#30 - Lee Jae-eok. He participated in the survival show ‘Under Nineteen’ that formed 1THE9. He was also a part of the pre-debut group MBK Boys that later debuted as BAE173. 

#31 - Jaejun. He was the leader, visual and main dancer of TREI. He was also part of the second-gen group C-CLOWN under the stage name Maru. He had even participated in the survival show ‘MIXNINE’.

Junyoung, Changsun, Jooan, Rui, Juna, Jae-hun, Han (@mbc_wildidol/Twitter)


#32 - Lee Junyoung. He is the main vocalist in the boy group Noir. He was also the main vocalist in INX before they disbanded. 

#33 - Changsun. He is the leader and main dancer in the second-gen group 24K. He also participated in ‘MIXNINE’. 

#34 - Jooan. He was the main dancer and a vocalist in WE IN THE ZONE that disbanded in January 2021. 

#35 - Rui. He was a rapper in Seven O’Clock before it disbanded in March 2021. He had also participated in ‘Under Nineteen’ as a rap trainee. 

#37 - Chang Juna. He was a trainee at JYP Entertainment. 

#38 - Jeong Jae-hun. He participated in ‘Produce X 101’. 

#44 - Han. He is a trainee at Around Us Entertainment, home to the legendary boy group Highlight aka BEAST.

The first episode will air on September 17 at 8:10 pm KST (7:10 am ET), on MBC’s channel. Second episode onwards, it will air every Thursday at 9 pm KST (8 am ET) from September 23.

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