SHINee’s Minho makes acting comeback with horror drama ‘Goosebumps’

Choi Minho from the K-pop group SHINee will return as an actor with Kakao TV’s original drama titled ‘Goosebumps’

                            SHINee’s Minho makes acting comeback with horror drama ‘Goosebumps’
Minho of SHINee to appear on an episode of the horror web drama 'Goosebumps' (@SMTOWNGLOBAL/Twitter)

The singing career of SHINee’s Minho has been stupendous thanks to the huge fanbase the group has amassed over their years in the K-pop industry since his debut in 2008. With his music career as a rapper with SHINee in full momentum, Minho branched out as an actor in the year 2010 by starring in KBS’ drama ‘Pianist’.

After his last appearances as an actor on the 2017 drama ‘The Most Beautiful Goodbye’ and the 2019 movie ‘The Battle of Jangsari’, Minho joined the military retiring from his activities as an actor and a musician. With two cameo appearances in the dramas ‘Lovestruck in the City’ and ‘Yumi’s Cells’ after his return from the military, Minho made his acting comeback. With only two cameo appearances, fans of Minho were desperate to see him in a lead role.


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Minho’s acting ventures

On September 15, it was announced that Minho had landed a lead role in one of the episodes of Kakao TV's original web drama 'Goosebumps'. 'Goosebumps' is said to be an 8-episode drama that tells the story of the horrors that are often encountered in the everyday life of people. It is reported that the drama recently started filming with a hope to release on Kakao TV within the year.

It is also reported that Minho would take on the role of a young man who receives a mysterious letter. Previously, it was reported that actor Choi Jiwoo and trot singer Jeong Dong-won were also cast as the protagonists of other episodes. The series is helmed by Jeong Beomsik who showed his directorial skills in this genre through movies like 'Gidam', 'Scary Story' and 'Gonjiam'.


SHINee’s Key to also announce a solo project

After SHINee’s group activities for their last album, ‘Don’t Call Me’ and ‘Atlantis’, SHINee’s maknae Taemin released his solo album ‘Advice’ before enlisting for his mandatory military service. Soon after his release, other members of the group started their solo activities. With Minho appearing in dramas while also being announced as one of the trainers on the upcoming survival show ‘Wild Idol’, a third member of SHINee is also set to make a solo release.

Key is set to release his first mini-album ‘Bad Love’ on September 27. The album will consist of six songs. To promote his release, Key has also dropped the first set of concept photos and his first mood sampler for ‘Bad Love’. Last week, Key dropped the pre-release track 'Hate that…' featuring Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon ahead of his upcoming solo comeback which was very well received by fans.


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