SHINee's Taemin looks healthy in interview from military, fans say 'eat all you want'

Taemin answers 30 questions in an interview with Korea's Military Administration as he talks about his new life as Private in the Military Band

                            SHINee's Taemin looks healthy in interview from military, fans say 'eat all you want'
Fans of Lee Taemin from SHINee want to see him keep the weight he gained in the military (Korea Military Manpower Administration/YouTube)

Ever since SHINee's members started to enlist in the military starting with the group's leader Onew in December of 2018, the group has never been complete. With three out of the now four members of the group being enlisted in the year 2019, Taemin the Maknae of SHINee was the only member that was left behind.

Even though Taemin's fans, Taemints, as well as SHINee's fans, Shawols had a lot of solo content from Taemin as well as his appearance in the SM Entertainment supergroup, SuperM, fans were still very aware that Taemin will have to bid them farewell for a while as his enlistment was an omnipresent feeling. With Taemin bidding fans a tearful goodbye as his members Onew, Key and Minho bid him farewell on May 31, he enlisted for his mandatory military service as a member of the military band.


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Taemin's answers 30 questions

Even after going away, it was as if Taemin was always here as he sent messages for fans and his pictures from the military were shared on social media. Months after his enlistment, on October 7, the 'Military Manpower Administration' of South Korea uploaded a video on their official YouTube channel with the title, 'Private Lee Taemin - 30 questions and 30 answers interview with SHINee's Taemin.'

The interview was a 4-minute long video where fans could see and hear Taemin as he answered many questions including his name, position in the military, the time that he has served so far. During the interview, Taemin answered various questions and shared a lot of inside information about his duties in the military and his life as a soldier now.


Taemin's plans for his vacation

In his interview, Taemin particularly talked about how he likes spending time doing the things he does the most at all times - singing. Taemin said that he likes to engage in singing when he said that he had initially entered the military band by taking a video of himself singing as he applied to enlist in the Ministry of National Defense - Service Support Corps.

When Taemin was asked when he would like to go home for his first vacation he said that he missed his family and his pets a lot. He said that he has so many pets that he misses them a lot and wants to see them soon. While talking about Taemints and Shawols, he said, "I really want to tell them that I miss them. They sent me lots of gifts as I am working away from them. Their letters and words of their concern really give me great strength and are a great help."

SHINee and SuperM member Taemin tells fans about his new life in the military in a short interview (Korea Military Manpower Administration/YouTube)

'How do we make him keep the 10 kgs on?'

Taemin also talked about his current routine in the military and that segment has received a lot of attention online. He has always been very skinny and much to fans' disapproval, his busy work schedule never gave him time to eat well. Taemin now discussed his schedule in the military where he said that continually following a proper regular diet has made him gain 10 kgs in weight.

Taemints and Shawols were very delighted to hear that their beloved Taemin is doing well and keeping healthy. In lieu of the fact that agencies ask idols to reduce their weight for comeback concepts, fans started tweeting about how they wish to make him keep going on in this healthy journey and maintain the weight gain because they love how he looks now. One fan said, "How do we get Taemin to keep the weight on?" Another fan was relieved and said, "FINALLY TAEMIN IS EATING PROPERLY PUT THAT WEIGHT ON BABY IT’S OKAY." Another fan talked about his "cheekies" and said, "Taemin looks so healthy, those cheekies are so cute, anyway yes, eat all you want." Another fan said, "Taemin 6v6 with his new chubby cheeks."