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'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8: Shanae Ankney in a love triangle with James Bonsall and Logan Palmer

On the upcoming episode, Logan Palmer faces the consequences of Shanae Ankney's return from her double date
James Bonsall, Shanae Ankney and Logan Palmer get involved in a love triangle in the upcoming episode of 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8  (Instagram/jamesbonsall_/shanae.a/abc)
James Bonsall, Shanae Ankney and Logan Palmer get involved in a love triangle in the upcoming episode of 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 (Instagram/jamesbonsall_/shanae.a/abc)

VALLARTA, MEXICO: Logan Palmer awaited Shanae Ankney's return after her double date with Paradise newcomer James Bonsall on Monday's episode of Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8. However, the teaser for October 11 showed Shanae getting caught up in a love triangle. Yes, more twists and turns await fans of 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8.  

While the two blondes both admired Logan (from the just finished season of 'The Bachelorette'), Shanae quickly had the upper hand. "Anything can happen in Paradise," Hailey muttered to the group as she watched Logan and Shanae kiss in the waves. Hailey later admitted to Logan that she'd been in her shell, and their talk ended awkwardly. When Shanae was given a date card, she chose Logan, which made Hailey cry in front of the cameras.


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Logan and Shanae had a good time drinking, dancing and conversing at a Mexican bar. "Logan really makes me feel comfortable, and I can be myself," she exclaimed. Elsewhere, back at the resort, Hailey whined to Genevieve about Logan breaking her heart. Shanae told Logan that she'd been cheated on in every prior relationship, but she liked him.

Aaron Clancy and James, who previously starred on Season 17 of 'The Bachelorette' and Season 7 of 'Bachelor in Paradise,' were welcomed by host Jesse Palmer on Week 2. The hunks, famous for their great friendship, were given a double date card. The girls were overjoyed to see the muscular duo, which sparked concern in the other guys. Shanae accused Genevieve of hooking up with Aaron at a prior "Women Tell All" program, but she denied it. Nonetheless, Aaron took Genevieve away for a conversation, followed by Shanae. The entire gang was excited that the two women's rivalry would be reignited after they battled on Clayton Echard's 'Bachelor' season.

Aaron, on the other hand, asked Genevieve out, while James brought Shanae, and the four had a great time on their double pool date. Logan grieved Shanae seeing another person, while Justin felt envious of Genevieve. Genevieve was relieved that Shanae wasn't "trying to start drama," and the two enjoyed a pleasant talk.

Shanae complimented James on how easy their date was and told him it was "good, not great," between her and Logan. "I can tell how mature he is," Shanae said as she kissed her new guy. "There’s some things I don’t like about Logan," she sobbed to the cameras. "Dating’s scary!"

Shanae and Genevieve, who were formerly adversaries, reconciled with apologies and gossip, with Shanae admitting in the October 10 episode that she's "very annoyed at Logan" for not telling her how he feels after her date with James. "Show me like me. Show me you want me. Show me you care about me," Shanae informed Genevieve about Logan. "That’s what James provides me, and it’s sexy."

Shanae told Logan shortly thereafter, "I’m making it obvious that I like you, but I don’t know if you’re really giving me that in return." Logan was disappointed to hear this, revealing in a confessional, "The last thing I want her to think is I don’t care because I do... She wants to feel pursued. I’m afraid I ruined everything."

The preview for October 11 showed Shanae continuing to pursue James and the rest of the Paradise folks, with a voiceover emphasizing how the love triangle Shanae is in may not end well. Shanae sobs in a confessional, claiming she doesn't want anyone to be hurt in the process.

Shanae Ankney in 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 episode 5 (ABC)
Shanae Ankney in 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 episode 5 (ABC)

So, who will Shanae pursue? James or Logan? Tune into a brand-new episode of 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 on October 11, Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.