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Why did Sierra Jackson leave 'Bachelor in Paradise'? Angry fans blame Michael Allio

'Michael A just absolutely crushed Sierra, dude needs to stop going on these shows if he’s not ready for a relationship,' 'BiP' fans thrash widower
UPDATED OCT 12, 2022
'BiP' Season 8 stars Sierra Jackson and Michael Allio (Instagram/@sierrajackzen/ABC)
'BiP' Season 8 stars Sierra Jackson and Michael Allio (Instagram/@sierrajackzen/ABC)

One couple that 'BiP' fans were certain to be constant till the ends were Sierra Jackson and Michael Allio. However, in 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 Episode 4, we saw things not working out between them, eventually leading Sierra to walk out of the show. Well, Sierra's departure made 'BiP' fans flood the internet with their anger over Michael.

In the recently released episode, we saw Sierra bonding with Michael and telling him how she is already thinking to become a stepmom to his son. It seems that Michael and Sierra were making a connection. However, this connection was only from the side of Sierra and not Michael. He is either not interested in Sierra or not ready for a relationship. He later confessed it to Sierra, saying, "I know you can feel me, like, being guarded." The widower further claimed, "I think the best thing now is just, like, space from the romantic pressure." Well, this left Sierra devastated, but she respected Michael's decision and chose to walk out of the show saying, "I just don't want to date anyone else, and I don't want to see him date other people." The situation left 'BiP' fans furious, wondering what exactly Michale wants in his life.


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Is the widower Michael still not ready to be in a relationship? Fans wonder so. A 'BiP' fan tweeted, "Sierra is the cutest thing, and Michael needs THERAPY. He doesn’t belong on these shows at all." Another slammed the single dad, "Michael A. just absolutely crushed Sierra. Dude needs to stop going on these shows if he’s not ready for a relationship." "Michael is unproblematic. He’s got trauma he talks openly about and makes decisions based on the longevity of his heart & family… he’s clearly been through therapy and is well adjusted. He could have been more direct with Sierra - But that’s my only critique," stated another 'BiP' critic. Another thrashed reality star, saying, "I want Michael to take his traumatized a** on somewhere. If you're not ready don't go on a damn dating show and hurt people because you're not ready. Sierra didn't deserve to be the target of his emotional schrapnel flying all over the place."





After self-eliminating herself, Sierra took to Twitter to announce the reason for her departure. She uploaded a long note stating her reasons, and captioned it, saying, "Thanks for all the support & love. I will say, Michael, is a grown man that will make decisions he feels are best for him & his family. His choices & feelings are valid & the vision he may have for his future is as well. Let’s respect that. Redirection is beautiful. TRUST ;)"



Well, the recent situation of 'Bachelor in Paradise' has left fans wondering whether Michael will be able to connect with anyone on the show or not. Let us further wait for the release of more episodes to discover that.

Season 8 of 'Bachelor in Paradise' airs Mondays and Tuesdays from 8 pm to 10 pm ET.

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