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'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022: Did Justin Glaze trick Genevieve Parisi into kissing him? Fans call birthday boy 'manipulative'

'Justin is toxic… he has gaslit Genevieve into a birthday kiss LOL', a 'Bachelor in Pardise' fan slammed Justin Glaze
UPDATED OCT 12, 2022
Justin Glaze and Genevieve Parisi in 'BiP' Season 8 (ABC)
Justin Glaze and Genevieve Parisi in 'BiP' Season 8 (ABC)

It seems that 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 was filmed in the month that included most of the cast members' birthdays. And now it's Justin Glaze's birthday. In the last episode, we saw Justin going on a date with Victoria Fuller. Will he go after Genevieve in the upcoming episodes? 

In the recently released 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 Episode 4, we see Genevieve kissing Justin after knowing it's his birthday. And Aaron Clancy was seen watching from a distance, full of jealousy. Justin was seen complaining to Genevieve that she does not give him enough kisses and later tricked her to provide one to him even after knowing that she made a connection with Aaron. Even though Genevieve gave Justin a kiss, she later apologized to Aaron for doing so. Aaron is disappointed but he also wants to explore more with Genevieve. Therefore, the star is ready to give another chance to their connection. However, 'BiP' fans slammed Justin for giving "toxic" vibes. 


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Fans wonder how could Justin trick Genevieve into giving him a kiss on his birthday. Well, a few were shocked seeing him behave in such a needy way and claimed that he is much better than what he is presenting of himself. "Are you not gonna kiss me on my birthday? Why is justin giving me “where’s my hug” vibes rn pls you’re better than this", tweeted a fan. Another wrote, "Justin gets after G for whining about not getting enough kisses, but then whines to her about not getting a kiss on his birthday". Furthermore, a fan slammed Justin for being manipulative, saying, "I’ve never liked Justin less than when he manipulated Genevieve to hug and kiss him in the name of his birthday". Another made joke of the star by tweeting, "SO ITS MY BIRTHDAY AND THAT MEANS YOU HAVE TO KISS ME EVEN THOUGH YOU JUST GOT BACK FROM A DATE WITH SOMEONE ELSE. I DONT MAKE THE RULES". 





Moreover, a fan tweeted, "Justin is toxic… he has gaslit Genevieve into a birthday kiss LOL". Another fan claimed that Justin asking Genevieve for a kiss was out of jealousy after seeing her and Aaron doing well together. A fan posted Justin's jealous face photo, captioning the image, "Justin watching Genevieve and Aaron come back all giddy after their date like". Another 'BiP' critic slammed Genevieve, "Lol Genevieve is so manipulative". Furthermore, fans think that Aaron and Genevieve are a perfect match for each other because "It’s like Aaron and Genevieve’s annoying-ness cancels each other out".





'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 Episode 5 will air on October 11 at 8 pm ET on ABC.

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