SF9's Rowoon looks dapper on Cosmopolitan cover, reveals why he skipped most of 'Kingdom'

Rowoon said his favorite song was the ‘Kingdom’ finale song ‘Believer’ because it showcased the strengths of SF9

                            SF9's Rowoon looks dapper on Cosmopolitan cover, reveals why he skipped most of 'Kingdom'
SF9's Rowoon on the August cover of Cosmopolitan (@FNC_ENT/Twitter)

After being on the cover of Cosmopolitan’s 20th-anniversary issue, SF9’s Rowoon is back again after almost a year. The K-pop idol and actor has been busy this year from filming a historical K-drama to working on SF9’s newest album and participating in the fierce survival show ‘Kingdom’. With his popularity reaching new heights thanks to his role in ‘Extraordinary You’, he was recently revealed as the brand model for Estee Lauder. 

The SF9 member also appeared on Cosmopolitan Korea's cover of the August issue sporting dashing outfits from Louis Vuitton’s latest collection. With a traveling concept, the photoshoot focused on Rowoon’s fresh and charming appearance in an airport as he gave a new meaning to airport fashion. Along with the pictorial where he donned the classic Louis Vuitton pattern, he also had an interview with the magazine.  

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SF9's Rowoon on the cover of Cosmopolitan (@FNC_ENT/Twitter)


Rowoon for Cosmopolitan

In the interview, when asked about his favorite song from SF9’s latest album, Rowoon brought up ‘Kingdom’. Due to his busy schedule as well as his injury, he couldn’t participate much in the survival show. With SF9 having some of the most iconic stages on the show, Rowoon could unfortunately only perform in two of them. But his love for his group was evident through the reasoning he gave. He said his favorite song was the ‘Kingdom’ finale song ‘Believer’ because it showcased the strengths of SF9. He also added that he was proud of his members. 

Rowoon could not fully participate in ‘Kingdom’ because he was also actually busy filming for a much anticipated K-drama. While there was a slight historical arc for his character in ‘Extraordinary You’, he has never actually worked in a historical drama. ‘Yeonmo’ his latest drama happens to be a historical drama about a forgotten Korean king. While it’s difficult since it requires a lot of imagination on behalf of the actors on how to behave according to an ancient era, Rowoon is up for the challenge.

SF9's Rowoon for Cosmopolitan (@FNC_ENT/Twitter)


He stated that one of his favorite actors was Christian Bale and he wanted to be as dynamic as him. With idol actors being bashed for acting too stiffly, Rowoon wants to break that stigma by taking on a grey character or a grotesque character with which he can prove his skills.

We also see a philosophical side to Rowoon as he talked about the current philosophical book he’s been reading. He spoke about how negativity can affect how we see the world and also said that he has become a very spontaneous person due to the lockdown. He added that he had clear plans for his future which has all gone out of the window as he just wants to live in the present now. We also found out that he writes poetry which has made him want to write the lyrics for his songs. He also addressed his height. He is considered to be one of the tallest idols in the K-pop industry that has led to various rumors of him being 193 or even 196 cm. But he finally clarified that he is actually 190 cm.

He was photographed by Mok Jeong-wook while the fashion stylist was Lee Hye-young. The interview was handled by features editor Kang Bo-ra.

A fan tweeted, “Models are so lucky that rowoon chose to be an idol.” Another tweeted, “Rowoon is just so wise and mature in handling and answering everything i'm so proud of him.” One tweeted, “Heart eyes for this fine man, rowoon.” Another tweeted, “OOOH I wanna see those bad and grotesque characters.”