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'Imitation' Episode 5: Kwon Ryuk has fallen hard for Ma-ha just like in the comics

The good kind of whiplash! 'Imitation' is turning out to be one of the most underrated shows this season, but we definitely think that this is worth bingeing.
A still of Lee Jun-young as Kwon Ryuk in 'Imitation' Episode 5 (KBS)
A still of Lee Jun-young as Kwon Ryuk in 'Imitation' Episode 5 (KBS)

'Imitation' Episode 5 finally follows the plot set by the comic as Kwon Ryuk loses his mind over Ma-ha. After the one night that the two of them spent together, in the hotel room where they were cornered because of the sasaeng fans, it became clear to Kwon Ryuk that he liked his friend. The one who he used to dance with in the past, and the Ma-ha that he met as an idol initially do not impress him. He meets her as someone who purely imitates another star. 

However, this episode puts him on the spot as he has to face the truth. Ma-ha did what was best given the circumstances that she was in. He is also clearly attracted to her as more than a friend and that pushes him to track her mobile number from the time he used to rehearse choreography with her. All of this is of course not a part of the comics, but the way Kwon Ryuk begins to act once he gets his number is. 


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He is totally crushing on her and doesn't realize it until his bandmate Hyeok points it out to him. At this point in time, he is quite desperate because Ma-ha is not warming up to him. In fact, the first time that Kwon Ryuk sent her a text, she erases it believing that it could be spam from some Shax sasaeng fan. When Kwon doesn't get a response, he begins to wonder how she could ignore him. What he doesn't understand is that she never expected to hear from him. He then calls her, at which time she ignores him again because she believes that this all just spam. Then he sends her a telling message, which helps her identify the sender of the message. However, she isn't jumping up with joy. Instead, she refuses to meet him. This is despite having left something of hers with him. She instead tells him to send her package through a delivery person.

A still of Hyun-ji, Ma-ha and Ria from Tea Party in Imitation. (KBS2)

Kwon Ryuk is unable to hold his frustration at bay and ends up stealing his manager's car keys to visit Ma-ha near her place. He uses the address she sent him to get her things couriered. The episode comes to an end when he sees Ma-ha walk towards her home and runs behind her, yells her name out, and shocks her. The two of them come face to face and this scene is quite similar to the first time Kwon Ryuk convinced Ma-ha to come out in the comics. There is also the fact that Ma-ha has kept everything about herself and Kwon Ryuk a secret from the other members of the Tea Party and her manager.

A still of Ma-ha and Yoo-jin in 'Imitation'. (KBS2)

Then there is Yoo-jin who continues to try and gain Ma-ha's attention by doing everything he can as an idol and even opens himself up to opportunities that he did not consider before like, being a part of a show. 

'Imitation' airs every Friday on KBS2 and can be streamed on Viki.