'Will You Leave': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about SF9 member Chani's k-drama

'Will You Leave': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about SF9 member Chani's k-drama
Park Jung-yeon and SF9’s Chani will star in 'Will You Leave' (Keyeast/SF9-Twitter)

Sky Channel announced in October that they will be adapting the webcomic titled 'Are you leaving' as a series along with the members of the main cast in October 2020. The show which has been titled 'Will you leave' in English is based on Park SunJae and RaHee's webtoon.

Release date:

An official release date for the show is yet to be set, however, 'Will You Leave' is expected to release sometime in February.


The show will feature three musicians from the Joseon era meeting a singer who busks in the present in the hopes of becoming an idol. It flits between modern-day entertainment and idol management and courtroom performance art politics.  




Actor Chani, whose real name is Kang Chan-nee will play the lead role of Park Yeon, a musician known as one of three musical geniuses along with U Reuk and Wang San Ak. According to Soompi, Chani plays a character who is "a good-natured, honest, and naive personality, and love is everything to him." Chani had last appeared in 'True Beauty' as Se-yeon, who is Seo-jun and Su-ho's best friend. 


Lee Seung-hyub

Member of N. Flying, Lee Seung-hyub will be seen playing the role of Lee Won in the show. Lee Won is a passionate vocalist who is also determined and has an extraordinary sense of desire when it comes to his work. He also falls in love with the female lead. The reason why he is a top vocalist is not that he is talented, but because he worked hard and he hopes that this same quality would lead to victory in wooing the female lead. 


Park Jung-yeon

As Min Yoo-jung, rookie actor Park Jung-yeon who made a name for herself with her performance in 'King Maker: The Change of Destiny' as Yoo-jung in the show is someone who has led a tough life. When she was young, her family had gone through a financial situation that had led to her separation from them and since then, she has taken care of herself. She also takes a leave of absence from school and earns her living by working multiple part-time jobs. However, her dream has always been to pursue singing as a career and the courage to follow her dreams is something that she gets after she meets Park Yeon.



Lim Jae-kyung will be directing the show based on a webcomic and according to reports, this would be her first drama. 


As of now, there is no trailer or teaser of the show that has been released, but we will keep you posted as soon as the trailer releases. 

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