Mnet's 'Kingdom' Finale: Who will win? SF9 leads as Stray Kids' 'Wolf Gang' debuts in Apple Music Top 100 chart

Stray Kids will be joining BTS, Blackpink and Twice as the only K-pop groups in history who have ranked in Apple Top 100

                            Mnet's 'Kingdom' Finale: Who will win? SF9 leads as Stray Kids' 'Wolf Gang' debuts in Apple Music Top 100 chart
SF9, Stray Kids, The Boyz and ATEEZ gear up for 'Kingdom' finale (Mnet Kingdom)

Mnet's most coveted K-pop reality show, 'Kingdom: Legendary War', is finally coming to an end after a nail biting two months of competition where six K-pop supergroups stunned fans with larger than life concepts, highly energetic performances and some serious bops that will stay with fans much after the show ends. With the finale inching closer, here are the latest ranks of the reality show.

'Kingdom' started with The Boyz entering the show as the legitimate winner of 'Road To Kingdom', with ATEEZ and Stray Kids announced as the first of lineups. At the introduction stage, Stray Kids stole the show as they ranked first after the preliminary round. With tough competion from the astounding K-pop lineup, the 'Back Door' crooners didn't get to cherish the spot for too long as ATEEZ emerged winners after the first round of 'Kingdom'. Other groups including SF9, BTOB, iKON didn't give an inch of as they delivered one stellar stages after another.


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Kingdom latest ranking for 'Who is the King' round revealed consisting of Stray Kids, iKON, The Boyz, SF9, BTOB and ATEEZ (Mnet Kingdom)

Latest ranking prior to the round 'Who is the King'

'Mnet's 'Kingdom last announced the ranking for the 2nd part of the third round 'No Limit', where the groups took it up a notch and performed like never before in the history of the show - SF9 stunning the audience with a cover of Taemin's 'Move' and Stray Kids' innovative 'deadpool' concept becoming a major topic of social media buzz. Currently, here's how it stands.

1. SF9 - 3414.352

2. Stray Kids - 3125

3. BTOB - 2141.204

4. THE BOYZ - 1851.852

5. iKON - 1504.630

6. ATEEZ - 462.963

The ranking is decided based on points from the groups themselves (25%), panels scores (25%), fan votes (40%), and video view count (10%). 


Stray Kids' 'Wolf Gang' debuts in global Apple Music chart

The finale round 'Who is the King' has a number of crucial factors to consider. One of which is the K-pop group's latest track exclusively released for the grand finale's streaming count. Last week, all the K-pop groups released the track on Apple Music and so far, Stray Kids' 'Wolf Gang' has entered the Apple Music Top 100 global chart, debuting at 98, the only fourth generation group to achive the feat. Stray Kids will be joining BTS, Blackpink and Twice as the only K-pop groups in history to have ranked in Apple Top 100.

Stray Kids 'Wolf Gang' debuted in Apple global Music Chart Top 100 (Mnet Kingdom)

Along with that, Stray Kids' 'Wolg Gang' also peaked at No 23 on the Worldwide Apple Music Song Chart, becoming the first track among the K-pop group songs released for the finale.

Who will win?

While Stray Kids leads the music charts with 'Wolf Gang', other groups' fans are gearing up to bring more streams ahead of the finale. A social media user claimed ATEEZ to have the most legendary stages in 'Kingdom'. The fan shared, "Congratulations ateez for having the most legendary stages on kingdom!" A BTOB fan stated, "THERE IS A BIG POSSIBILITY THAT BTOB WILL WIN KINGDOM, LET'S STREAM UNTIL THE END!" A user noted, "Of course we all know mnet will not let ikon win kingdom so I genuinely hope sf9 will get the win!" Another fan chimed saying, "kingdom come charting #1 in bugs chart is insane! i wont be surprised if the table turns and the boyz wins kingdom!"









The grand finale titled 'Who is the King', episode 10, will air on Thursday, June 3, at 7:50 pm KST. Catch all the previous episodes of the show here and let us know whom you are rooting for in the comments below.


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