SF9 'Rumination': Release date, ‘Trauma’ music video and all about the OT9 album

The music video for 'Trauma' calls back to their past music videos like 'Teardrop' and their stages on the survival show 'Kingdom'

                            SF9 'Rumination': Release date, ‘Trauma’ music video and all about the OT9 album
SF9 for the 'Blood' concept (@SF9official/Twitter)

Popular boy group SF9 is busier than ever with two months left for the year to end. The nine-member group debuted in 2016 and made waves with their innovative choreography and martial art tricks in their performances. However, they were known more for being idol actors as we have members like K-drama favorite Rowoon, child actor Chani and newcomer Zuho. SF9 decided to come on the fierce survival show ‘Kingdom’ to let the world know that they are still active as an idol group and it seems that they have succeeded. Fans are looking forward to their latest album ‘Rumination’.

Earlier, during their last concert, Chani had hinted that the concert would probably be the last time all of the members would get together for a long time. The eldest members Inseong and Youngbin are nearing the age of 30, which is the age limit for all South Korean men to enlist in mandatory military service. With the two probably enlisting in early 2022, fans thought that the next comeback onwards, the group would be incomplete. However, we are getting one more OT9 album with all of the members. Here’s all about ‘Rumination’ and its title track ‘Trauma’.


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SF9 for the 'Scar' concept (@SF9official/Twitter)

Release date

SF9’s ‘Rumination’ will be released on November 22 at 6 pm KST (4 am ET).

Where to listen

SF9's 10th mini-album will be available on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and more.


It has been revealed that ‘Trauma’ will be the title track of the album. SF9 will release the full tracklist and highlight medley of all the songs on November 19.

SF9 for the 'Connect' concept (@SF9official/Twitter)


The ‘Rumination’ album has three versions — ‘Scar’, ‘Blood’ and ‘Connect’. Hence, the group released three sets of concept photos for the album. Following their participation in ‘Kingdom’, SF9 confirmed that their strength lies in mature and seductive concepts. Their summer comeback ‘Teardrop’ was elegant and mysterious while this upcoming album is in the same spectrum albeit with a darker concept. In ‘Scar’, they channel their inner mafia with leather suits while in the ‘Blood’ version they are seen in flashy costumes. In the ‘Connect’ version, they look eerie with floating chairs around them.

Music video teaser

SF9 released a music video teaser for the title track ‘Trauma’. Full of ominous instrumentals and funky beats, we see hints to their past music videos like ‘Teardrop’ and their ‘Kingdom’ stages. Watch the teaser below.


'The top-tier visuals'

Excited fans were wondering about the music video as they made tweets like, “I need theories what is the connection of the umbrella from teardrop era to trauma era.” Fantasys also hyped up the boys’ visuals as one Jaeyoon stan shared, “OH MY GOD HE LOOKS SO GOOD.” One fan joked about the amount of photocards fans will have to collect thanks to the 9 members, “The real “trauma” for SF9 comeback.” One Fantasy tried to guess, “Trauma is a breakup song where sf9 got their heart broken by someone and now that person caused their trauma and they try to overcome it becuse they realize they are hot mfs gorgeous sexy men so they dance the pain away tear drop huhuhuhu huhu.” Another commented, “SF9 MAKNAE LINE CHOOSES THE VIOLENCE.” One added, “THE TOP-TIER VISUALS AND FIT OMG.”








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