Did Randy Fenoli fat-shame Daniela? 'Say Yes To The Dress' fans say bride-to-be looks 'amazing'

Daniela is Randy Fenoli's on set production assistant but when she tried on a dress on 'Say Yes To The Dress', the host was anything but pleased

                            Did Randy Fenoli fat-shame Daniela? 'Say Yes To The Dress' fans say bride-to-be looks 'amazing'
Randy Fenoli is brutally honest with bride to be Daniela, who is also his production assistant ([email protected])

They say a bride should feel the most beautiful on their wedding day, but no one says anything about the run-up to it. 'Say Yes To The Dress' is back with its latest season and with it comes a brutal new side to host Randy Fenoli, whose first bride on the new season is his on-set production assistant Daniela. 

Maybe it's because Randy knows Daniela so well or perhaps it's a virtual consultation that brings out Randy's new tell it like it is style, but the very first dress that Daniela chooses gets a huge thumbs down from Randy. He says he hates it and adds that the dress shows off every bulge and bump. Ouch, that's got to hurt! Did Randy just fat-shame Daniela or is it a form of endearment? If you enjoy shows such as 'Say Yes To The Dress', you will probably also enjoy shows like 'Marriage or Mortgage' and 'Bridezillas'


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Daniela is rather taken aback by Randy being so vocal and wonders if it's Randy's way of expressing his fondness, albeit not in a style that's making Daniela feel particularly confident. Randy on the show confirms that it is in fact tough love because after all, this isn't a bride he met five minutes ago. Though it seems that some fans agree with Daniela about the first dress she tried on, one fan tweeted, "Daniela's first dress looks amazing! #[email protected]"


Another fan tweeted, "Daniela was blindsided by the fact Randy didn't like the first dress she tried on despite it looking pretty on her! #syttd."


Randy makes suggestions of what he feels will suit Daniela as a curvy bride, but after Randy's comments that he hated her first choice for a dress, plus the less than flattering comments about her body, it looks like Daniela's feelings have been rather hurt, which seems to have led her to be shut down to Randy's suggestions. But will bridal consultant Amber manage to save the day and help Daniela feel beautiful again? Or will her hurt feelings lead her to say no to the dress.

To find out you can catch the latest episode of 'Say Yes To The Dress' which premiered on July 18 on TLC. 

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