Who are Liz and Evan Zimmer? Meet the 'Marriage or Mortgage' couple who chose dream wedding over Nashville home

The couple was featured in the very first episode of the Netflix show and chose a dream wedding instead of a house, an option that many questioned

                            Who are Liz and Evan Zimmer? Meet the 'Marriage or Mortgage' couple who chose dream wedding over Nashville home
Evan Zimmer and Liz Zimmer from the 'Marriage or Mortgage' episode titled 'New to Nashville' (Netflix)

Weddings are not a cheap affair anymore. From catering to decor, everything comes with a heavy price tag, and with social media validation playing a big part in the lives of a lot of people, skimping on the budget is not an option. The price of planning a whole wedding is equivalent to buying a house, it's said, and it's proved to be true nowadays. Netflix's upcoming show 'Marriage or Mortgage' proves this point even further.

Real estate agent Nichole Holmes and wedding planner Sarah Miller will be seen working with ten couples on the show, each convincing the about-to-be married couples to give them their business. According to Netflix, Sarah is a hopeless romantic who spared no expense planning her own wedding and she leaves no stone unturned trying to convince the bride and groom to go all out while planning their wedding because the memories made on that day are priceless. Nichole on the other hand is divorced-twice and believes in the fact that the most romantic and practical decision a couple could ever make together is buying a home to call their own. Both of these women have different opinions and very strong sales pitches to win a couple over with. The first episode of 'Marriage or Mortgage' is titled 'New to Nashville' featuring the couple Liz and Evan Zimmer and in their case, Sarah was the one who emerged victorious over Nichole. Continue reading to know more about the couple and what made them choose a wedding over a dream home.


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Evan Zimmer and Liz from 'Marriage or Mortgage' episode titled 'New to Nashville' (Netflix)

Who is 'Marriage or Mortgage' couple Liz and Evan Zimmer?

Liz and Evan are an adventure and music-loving couple. Their first time meeting each other was at a concert and Liz decided to take her chances and asked him out. The two bonded over music, food, and everything under the sun; the two attended 20 concerts in their first year as a couple and that's when they decided that they'd like nothing more than to be in each other's company. It didn't take much time after their first anniversary for Evan to realize that they are end game and decided to lock her in for life by proposing to her. 

Evan Zimmer and Liz from 'Marriage or Mortgage' episode titled 'New to Nashville' (Netflix)

Why did 'Marriage or Mortgage' couple Liz and Evan choose a wedding over a home?

The couple had moved in together in their house in Naples, Florida. However, Evan received a job offer that he couldn't turn down but the only downside was they had to leave the life and their home in Florida and move to downtown Nashville. This is the reason they came on board the show and saw two stunning wedding venues and three beautiful homes that they could lead their lives as a couple in. Every location and every home was better than the last one they saw and they could imagine themselves making memories in each of them.

Evan Zimmer from 'Marriage or Mortgage' episode titled 'New to Nashville' (Netflix)

After racking their brains over what could be the perfect choice for them and going back and forth a number of times, the couple came to a conclusion that they'd like to stick to testing the waters first. Buying a home is a long-term investment and zeroing on a forever home in a short time didn't seem like the right thing to do for the couple and they finally settled for a wedding instead. Them being the last in their friend group to get engaged and having attended close to 20 weddings together, played a huge part in them leaning towards tying the knot. The episode reveals that COVID-19 caused a small glitch in their plans to enter matrimony, however, everything turned out perfectly and in May 2020 Liz and Evan finally married each other. 

Liz from 'Marriage or Mortgage' episode titled 'New to Nashville' (Netflix)

Where do 'Marriage or Mortgage' couple Liz and Evan live now?

Liz and Evan live in Nashville and are truly happy with the place where they've crossed a lot of important milestones together. Evan Zimmer, a Florida Gulf Coast University graduate, now works as the Director of Catering at the Grand Hyatt Nashville where he's using his 10-plus years of hospitality experience with country clubs and numerous beach resorts, according to his LinkedIn. We tried looking up his Facebook account for more details on him and Liz's wedded life, however, they chose to keep their relationship off social media, according to a report

Evan Zimmer and Liz from 'Marriage or Mortgage' episode titled 'New to Nashville' (Facebook/evan.zimmer)



'Marriage or Mortgage' is available to stream on Netflix starting March 10, 2021. 

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