'Say Yes To The Dress': Can brides get a refund if their wedding is canceled?

'Say Yes To The Dress': Can brides get a refund if their wedding is canceled?
'Say Yes To The Dress' has had 700 brides on it, and some weddings were canceled (kleinfeldbridal.com)

Weddings can definitely be a stressful time for all those involved and sometimes while you may find the perfect dress, the imperfections in the relationship between the bride and the groom can start to unravel. But since the last thing you want to be stuck with is an extremely expensive wedding dress which takes up all the space in your closet in case you want to say 'I don't' instead of 'I do', the million-dollar or perhaps more accurately the $4500 dollar question for participants of 'Say Yes To The Dress' is do brides get a refund if their wedding is called off? 

If you're a fan of shows like 'Say Yes To The Dress', shows such as 'Marriage or Mortgage', 'Bridezilla' and 'Say I Do' should appeal to you. 


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Well, if for some reason you decide that it's best to call off your wedding, it looks like you may have to convert that bridal gown into an evening gown instead because the standard policy of Kleinfeld is no returns on special occasion dresses. Kleinfeld has said in the past that they do try and go above and beyond to help out their customers with refunds but considering one bride to be had to actually sue Kleinfeld for getting her money back, it doesn't look promising. A former bride who appeared on 'Say Yes To The Dress', Randi Siegel-Friedman, sued Kleinfeld for $12,000 when they refused to refund her after her dress was made in the wrong fabric and size. She went on to get married however, so fortunately, it wasn't a case of rubbing salt into a wound. 

What's important to note for other brides to be who can expect to spend $4,500 on a gown at Kleinfeld on an average is that not only will you not get your refund if your wedding is off, and that has happened more than once since the show has had over 700 brides on it, but the episode will also air even if the wedding isn't happening. So for all brides to be whose big dream is to say yes to the dress, we suggest that you're extremely sure about saying yes to the proposal first. Because watching yourself preparing to get married on TV when you're not, topped with a hole in your bank account is not the stuff happily ever after is made of.

You can catch the latest season of 'Say Yes To The Dress' when it premieres on TLC on July 17. Catch a sneak peek below. 

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