'Bridezillas': Roxanne says 'no chewing gum, no alcohol' for her bridesmaids, fans call her 'fake bougie chick'

Roxanne also manipulated her father into buying her wedding dress and fans are not happy

                            'Bridezillas': Roxanne says 'no chewing gum, no alcohol' for her bridesmaids, fans call her 'fake bougie chick'
Roxanne (WE tv)

Roxanne and Todd are all set to marry, but she has some ideas for her wedding that she wants to make into reality. Roxanne revealed she is a big fan of Meghan Markle and wants to ensure her wedding is no less than any royal wedding. After booking a castle for their big day, she was looking for a wedding dress that would leave everyone shocked. 

Roxanne added she is not afraid to "empty out the account". However, Todd does not have the same thoughts. Even though he would like for them to have a perfect wedding, he wants Roxanne to sign a prenup ahead of their wedding. Unfortunately, it is not something she wants and Roxanne has been dodging that topic for a long time. 

Instead of thinking about this request, she decided to have a special performance for their wedding. She wanted her bridesmaid to be there and perform the way she wanted. Apart from the dance, she also had a set of rules and regulations ready for them to follow on her big day. 

She told her bridesmaids that they have to follow the "no chewing gum, no alcohol" rule for her wedding. Her bridesmaids were not happy to hear this and many of them left the room. While Roxanne might have lost her bridesmaids, she was thinking more about the wedding dress she wanted to have. 

With her eye on the $7,500 dress, Roxanne managed to manipulate her father into buying it. Her father Rocky had wanted Roxanne to keep her last time. Even though Roxanne had already changed it, she told her dad that she would listen to him. After he paid for the dress, Roxanne broke the news that she had already changed the last name. Her father was upset after hearing this and hinted he may not be attending the wedding. Seeing how Roxanne was reacting, many had some views of their own. "Roxanne is one of those fake bougie chicks that’s actually hood," read one comment. "Roxanne demanding, sneaky, and conveying great characteristics for a wife ugh," said another. "Roxanne is grimy for lying to her Dad saying she just needs her stuff paid for and doesn't care about the rest... ratchet," read another comment.





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