'Say Yes To The Dress': A look at the most expensive dresses sold on the show

The average price for a gown at Kleinfeld Bridal is approximately $4,500 but the brides on

                            'Say Yes To The Dress': A look at the most expensive dresses sold on the show
Brides Tracy and Autumn have bought some of the most expensive dresses in the history of 'Say Yes To The Dress' (YouTube)

Saying yes to the bridal gown that makes you feel the most beautiful on the happiest day of your life is easy, but saying yes to a price tag that runs into tens of thousands of dollars certainly isn't for everyone. But on a show like 'Say Yes To The Dress', it is the wow factor that matters as much as the vows.

So this leads us to the question of just what has been the most expensive dress on the show, which is all about dressing for hopefully the biggest success of a bride-to-be's life. If you are a fan of shows like the Randy Fenoli hosted 'Say Yes To The Dress', then shows like 'Bridezillas' and 'Marriage or Mortgage' should also appeal to you. 


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The most expensive dress that has ever been sold on the show was to a bride called Tabitha on Season 7 of 'Say Yes To The Dress' for a whopping $70,000. You'd think after spending money like that on a Pnina Tornai gown you'd want to show it to the world, but no, this bride has kept her dress completely under wraps and never shared pictures of the final look even with those at Kleinfeld. What we do know however was that the gown was custom beaded, which was the largest contributor to the whopping cost. While we can't give you a look at that gown, what are some of the other most expensive gowns that have been sold on 'Say Yes To The Dress'?

Tracy, a socialite from Kentucky, showed up with an unlimited budget for her wedding which she described as something of a royal wedding since both Tracy and her fiance hailed from some of Kentucky's wealthiest families. Their wedding was going to be held at a castle and have over a thousand guests. Tracy certainly got a look fit for a queen and the price tag to go along with it when she left Kleinfeld with a bedazzled Pnina Tornai for $32,600. 


Tracy may have spent over $30,000 on her bridal gown but if you want a total tally that's even higher then we can't help but remember the bride to be Autumn on the show. Autumn may have spent less on her dresses, $24,000 on just her reception gown, but her expensive tastes landed her loving fiance with quite an empty wallet. Autumn's fiance Sonny ended up spending a little over $50,000 on two gowns, one bridal and one for the reception, and an $8000 veil. Now, this was a day that certainly got the cash registers ringing at Kleinfeld. 


Just to be clear though, not every bride has to spend so much to look fabulous on her wedding day. The average dress at Kleinfeld is around $4,500, which is still hefty but far from the range of the tens of thousands of dollars brides like Tracy and Autumn spent to look special on their big day. To see if any bride manages to top their price tags, catch the latest season of 'Say Yes To The Dress' on July 17 at 8/7c on TLC.