Want to be on 'Say Yes To The Dress'? Here's how you can apply

The latest season of 'Say Yes To The Dress' is coming soon and if you are a bride-to-be and love the show, here is how you can be a part of it

                            Want to be on 'Say Yes To The Dress'? Here's how you can apply
'Say Yes To The Dress' is hosted by Randy Fenoli ([email protected])

Congratulations if you've found your groom or maybe you live in the hope that your beau is just a few months away from popping the question. If you feel that after saying a yes to the proposal, your happily ever after will be sealed by saying yes to the perfect dress, then 'Say Yes To The Dress' is the show for you and yes, even you can join the popular series.

Wondering how? We'll give you a step-by-step guide on just how to apply for the show and what you can expect. If you are a fan of the Randy Fenoli show, then shows like 'Bridezilla' and 'Say I Do' should also appeal to you. 


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Where to apply?

All those who are interested in applying to the show can log in here for the application form.

What can you expect to be asked about? 

Besides obvious questions such as the budget for your dress, your dress size and the date of your ceremony, there are many more personal questions that form a part of the questionnaire. Brides to be are also asked who will have the most influence over their decision, what have they found the most stressful about planning a wedding, how the question was popped and if their fiance will be accompanying them when dress shopping.

Since this is a reality show and entertaining brides and guests obviously make for better television, the questionnaire also includes why brides feel they and their guests would be fun to watch on TV. They are also asked to share interesting details about themselves, which in their opinion make them stand out from a crowd. For example, if they have done work for a village in Africa or have run a marathon or have an interesting tattoo.

Are there any no-nos?

If a bride to be has appeared on another reality show in the last year, chances are she will not make the cut for 'Say Yes To The Dress' as the producers are extremely wary that all brides on the show are genuinely looking at getting married and not just getting their 15 minutes of fame on a reality show. 

What will work to your advantage?

Having a theme in mind — the more original the better — could possibly give brides an edge. Brides who have any interesting traditions to share from their background similarly provide interesting content for the show. If you feel you have what it takes, then log on to the Kleinfeld Bridal Boutique.

The latest season of 'Say Yes To The Dress' premieres on July 17 on TLC.