McDonald's Saweetie meal full menu: What is the cost and how to buy it?

A user wrote, 'The Saweetie McDonald’s meal finna have people on the toilet for days'

                            McDonald's Saweetie meal full menu: What is the cost and how to buy it?
McDonald's Saweetie Meal will feature a Big Mac, 4-piece chicken nuggets, medium fries, medium sprite and two sauces (Instagram/McDonald's)

Saweetie is known for her weird and quirky food combinations which fans keep trolling her about at regular intervals. Saweetie has an interesting palate - ranch dressing on spaghetti, dousing barbeque sauce on oysters and topping pizzas with hot Cheetos are just a few examples of unusual food combinations that the rapper who previously dated Quavo, loves.

Fast-food company McDonald's has announced that they are coming up with a Saweetie menu and the Internet has exploded with hilarious memes and a lot of people believe it's not going to bode well with their stomachs, more about that in a bit. McDonald's limited edition celebrity-endorsed meals are very popular among fans. The Travis Scott meal for instance was quite a rage on social media and such was its popularity that they faced a shortage of quarter pounders. Customers kept going to the nearest outlet and it was reported that customers blasted Scott's hit track 'Sicko Mode' in the drive-thru window to place their orders which later became a viral TikTok trend.


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Another celeb-endorsed meal was the BTS menu which yet again turned out to be lucrative for the brand. The meal launched in the US on May 26 this year and it was reported that there was a significant spike in the number of customers visiting the brand's outlets. Restaurant visits were up by 12% within a week which amounted to more demand than the chain had seen all year and it smashed all records in terms of popularity, including Scott's meal. McDonald's announced the Saweetie meal on July 29 and here's all you need to know about it. 

Saweetie Meal: Full Menu

McDonald's announced the meal via their social media handles including their Instagram and Twitter handles. Along with the 'M', the logo for the rapper's meal is a sparkly snowflake with Saweetie's name in bubblegum pink and the Tittle dot on 'i' shaped like a sparkle. Later on, the brand shared the third post on their Instagram feed with four photos to reveal the menu. The first photo is a sparkly cloche with bedazzled 'M' in place of the knob, the second one was Saweetie drinking out a McDonald's cup, in the third she was seen dousing a burger with ketchup, and then came the final photo revealing the complete meal.

The Saweetie meal will feature a Big Mac, a 4-piece Chicken McNuggets, medium fries, a medium Sprite, tangy barbeque sauce, and finally a 'Saweetie and Sour Sauce' which is nothing but the brand's traditional sweet and sour sauce which they are renaming for the rapper. "McDonald’s and I run deep – from growing up back in Hayward, California, all through my college days – so I had to bring my icy gang in on my all-time favorites,” Saweetie said in a statement. “Depending on the mood I'm in, there are so many ways to enjoy my order. I like to keep things fresh – I know that’s right.”


Where to buy?

Saweetie's meal which is called the 'My Type' will launch on August 9. The meal will be available for purchase at participating locations through the driveway and contactless delivery systems of McDonald's through the McDonald's app or the chain's delivery service, McDelivery. 


Born Diamonté Harper, Saweetie loves all things blingy and her McDonald's meal will be representative of the same. McDonald's said that along with the food, they are trying to bring to fans the true Saweetie experience and the meal will be served in "icy new packaging inspired by her own style." The cost of the meal is yet to be revealed, however, McDonald's said the price of it will vary according to the location. 

Fans fear toilet visits

"The Saweetie McDonald’s meal finna have people on the toilet for days," tweeted a fan who clearly is not a fan of the rapper's unusual tastes. "Saweetie’s McDonald’s collab gone have people on the toilet for days shi**ing out fire and hot Cheetos," wrote another fan making a mockery of the rapper's taste. "The Saweetie McDonald’s meal is gonna keep all us Icy Girls on the toilet but I’m interested," wrote a fan who seems ready to brave everything to support the collaboration. "Saweetie McDonald’s meal gon have you on the toilet praying for forgiveness," read another tweet.