Horrified TikToker 'crunches' on cockroach in McDonald's McFlurry: 'I am not lovin' it'

Horrified TikToker 'crunches' on cockroach in McDonald's McFlurry: 'I am not lovin' it'
TikTok user Alex Carcione swore to never visit McDonald's again after she chewed on a cockroach in her McFlurry (Twitter/@alexacarcione)

Warning: Graphic content

A McDonald's customer left many retching after she revealed how she heard a crunch while consuming a McFlurry, only to later find a cockroach in her ice cream dessert.

TikTok user Alex Carcione swore to never visit the fast-food giant again after the traumatizing experience she had on Tuesday, July 6. "When you are enjoying your Oreo McFlurry and then feel a sudden crunch...and surprise, it's a cockroach!" she posted on TikTok, showing her dessert to viewers before revealing a black splotch on it, purportedly the remains of a dead cockroach. "I spit that out the second I knew I knew something wasn't right," Carcione added. "Don't eat McDonald's unless you enjoy cockroaches!" The TikToker borrowed from McDonald's long-running slogan and declared, "I am not lovin' it." 


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Carcione recalled the unpleasant sensation she felt in her mouth when her teeth crushed the cream-soaked arthropod in her McFlurry. "It was like eating a gusher," she responded to a commenter who said it was possible the "crunch" was simply an Oreo. "Pop. Felt like I was chewing on a shrimp shell," she added. The repelling clip was viewed hundreds of thousands of times and shared extensively online.


The traumatized customer claimed that when she initially complained, the restaurant manager simply thanked her for letting them know. "They didn't even offer me a refund or apologize," she added. Responding to another person who suggested Carcione could sue the fast-food giant, she wrote, "I wish this was a joke. I already called corporate."

Carcione vowed to never order a McFlurry again and said she wouldn't trust anything from the McDonald's menu if she were ever to visit the golden arches in the future. However, that seems unlikely. She explained how "pissed" she was because she doesn't usually visit McDonald's, but was really craving for a McFlurry at the time. "Never again," she added.


Speaking to Daily Star, McDonald's Owner Operator Bob Sutherland said, "The safety of our guests, crew and the integrity of our food are our top priority. Our restaurant undergoes monthly professional pest inspections. Upon learning of this customer’s concern, we contacted the customer directly and have brought in our pest control company to further inspect the restaurant."
This comes just days after a British dad said he found a "fried cockroach" among chips in his McDonald's quarter pounder meal. Kris Hatton, 41, from Kent, ordered the meal while working a long night shift and recalled how he first assumed it was a hard burnt chip when he dug into the box. To his horror, it was actually a deep-fried cockroach nestling in his chips. "I put my hand on the chip and it felt hard and I just thought it was a burnt chip but then I realized it wasn't, it was a cockroach," Hatton told The Sun. "It made me feel sick. The thought of cockroaches running around the kitchen and inside in my burger, I didn't want it after that," he added.

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