Mnet's 'Kingdom' finale Best Performances: Stray Kids' 'Wolf Gang', The Boyz 'Kingdom Come' and ATEEZ 'The Real'

Be it BTOB's magical vocals on 'Show and Prove' or The Boyz reaching their heights of creativity, 'Kingdom' had a lot to offer

                            Mnet's 'Kingdom' finale Best Performances: Stray Kids' 'Wolf Gang', The Boyz 'Kingdom Come' and ATEEZ 'The Real'
Stray Kids, ATEEZ, The Boyz and BTOB on 'Kingdom' (Mnet YouTube)

Mnet's Kingdom has come to its finale and fans are overwhelmed with the heights that the K-pop groups have reached with their grand performance stages. Stray Kids' 'Wolf Gang' sent fans into a frenzy with Bang Chan looking like 'wolverine' and removing his shirt while The Boyz reached the heights of creativity with 'Kingdom Come'. Here are all the moments from 'Kingdom' that will be with the K-pop fans for a long time.

'Kingdom' season finale started with flashbacks of K-pop groups in 'Kingdom' and revealing the initial rankings. Fans couldn't have enough of the looks that were served where ATEEZ Hongjoong celebrated pride month with rainbow hair, Stray Kids Jisung came in blue hair and Felix sent fans into a meltdown with gray/ bluish ash hair. In the end, Stray Kids emerged as the winner.


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Stray Kids performing 'Wolf Gang' (Mnet YouTube)

Best Performances

Be it BTOB's magical vocals on 'Show and Prove' or The Boyz' 'Kingdom Come', 'Kingdom' had a lot to offer. Here are the performances fans loved.

Stray Kids 'Wolf Gang'

Stray Kids 'Wolf Gang' was the biggest talking point of the day where the K-pop Kings raised the temperature turning the stage into a battlefield. With Bang Chan taking off his jacket embodying 'Wolverine' to the sharpest choregraphic moves displayed by the JYP Entertainment group, Stray Kids won the show receiving more than a million votes on the show. See their performance below.


BTOB 'Show and Prove'

BTOB's 'Show and Prove' has to be one of the best vocal performances of the night where the group showed that when it comes to showing stellar vocal skills, the K-pop group is unbeatable. A fan wrote, "Vocal kings be snatching wigs left and right." Another one said, "BTOB's Finale (Show and Prove) will have a special place in my heart. Because of Kingdom, I discovered them. From a Stay to a MeloStay. This feels like when I discovered SB19. They are the breather that I need." Check their performance below.




The Boyz' 'Kingdom Come'

The Boyz' 'Kingdom Come' was the epitome of creativity with their 'Kingdom' stage. A fan proudly stated, "kingdom come will remain as one of the best performance in the industry!" Another said, "Just noticed that The Boyz used 4 elements for the Kingdom Come stage (ice, fire, water, air)!" A fan gushed, "changmin leading the kingdom come dance break HE'S SO COOL!" Check the 'Kingdom Come' performance below.





ATEEZ 'The Real'

ATEEZ is of the most talented K-pop groups of fourth generation with their fierce dance moves and originality. Fans took it to Twitter to share how proud they are of the group and the performance. A fan said, "ateez's 'the real' stage is still no. 12 in naver tv's top 100! it's one of the only 2 stages that ranked here, the other one ranking at no. 26!" Another excited fan said, "WAIT- EVERY SINGLE MEMBER IS WEARING AN ARMBAND THAT SAYS COOLNESS AND THATS THE ONLY COMMON THING ABOUT THEM !!! THEY ALL HAVE THEIR OWN CLOTHES AND COLORS AND THATS WHAT MAKES THEM DIFFERENT BUT ITS ALSO WHAT MAKES THEM ATEEZ THATS WHY THEY ARE THE REAL !!!"



Check the performance here


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