Mnet's 'Kingdom' Finale Full Tracklist: Is Hyunjin singing Stray Kids' 'Wolfgang'? 'OT8' track thrills Stays

Mnet's 'Kingdom' Finale Full Tracklist: Is Hyunjin singing Stray Kids' 'Wolfgang'? 'OT8' track thrills Stays
Stray Kids fans celebrate 'OT8' track for 'Kingdom' finale with 'Wolfgang', full tracklist features bangers from ATEEZ, BTOB (Stray Kids official site/ Mnet Kingdom)

Mnet's 'Kingdom: Legendary War' has revealed its final tracklist with every K-pop group releasing their last track for the reality show's grand finale. While tracks such as Stray Kids' 'Wolfgang' or ATEEZ's 'The Real' sparked major reactions, fans are also eager to know if Hyunjin, the Stray Kids artiste who has been missing from 'Kingdom' after the first episode, has taken part in the track or not.

Earlier, ATEEZ's label KQ Entertainment stated that the track 'The Real' includes K-pop star Mingi's vocals, who has been on a hiatus due to health issues. While Mingi won't be seen on the final stage of 'Kingdom', there is a confirmation that he has been a part of the vocal unit for 'The Real'.


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Stray Kids released the last track for 'Kingdom' 'Wolfgang'. Fans try to identify if Hyunin is also featured on the track (Stray Kids Instagram)



Full tracklist of 'Kingdom'

Check out the full tracklist of 'Kingdom' below.

AT EEZ 'The Real'

For the penultimate round of 'Kingdom: Legendary War' titled 'Final: Who is the King?', ATEEZ, the fourth generation superstars, released 'The Real' with all eight members including Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung and Jongho.


SF9 'Believer'

SF9, who is currently at number one position after their Taemin's 'Move' cover, released the final track for the 'Kingdom' titled 'Believer'.


BTOB 'Show and Prove'

BTOB was standing at number three at the end of the 9th episode of 'Kingdom'. They stunned the audience with a beautiful rendition of 'Blue Moon' in the semi-finals and released 'Show and Prove' for the grand finale.


iKON 'At Ease'

iKON currently at number 5, released their track 'At Ease' for the finale. Release to the track below.


The Boyz 'Kingdom Come'

The Boyz who entered Mnet's 'Kingdom' as the winner of the prequel 'Road to Kingdom' currently stands at the number four position. Check out their groovy track for the finale here.


Stray Kids 'Wolfgang'

Stray Kids, currently at number two, released their track 'Wolfgang' and fans are convinced that they hear Hyunjin's vocal in the background. Though Felix and Hyunjin both belong to the more baritone vocal side, each inhabiting their own unique charm, Stays are convinced that it is Hyunjin who has also contribute to the vocals.

A fan noted sharing a snippet of the song, "THATS DEFINITELY HYUNJIN SINGING WITH CHAN M GONNA STRAT CRYRIN!" Another fan said, "have i lost it or can everyone hear hyunjin's bg vocals in Wolfgang!" Stray Kids fans have also pointed out that the track is OT8. A fan said, "I believe there's Hyunjin in Wolfgang. I won't trust anyone. If i'm wrong, i only trust Bang Chan. Only Chan can confirm it. Idc idc for now it's ot8!"




While fans have not got the official confirmation from JYP about Hyunjin's presence, the track comprising all the members since it is an OT8 track is enough for them to celebrate Hyunjin's possible comeback. Listen to the track here.


Excited about the finale? Catch the final episode of Mnet's 'Kingdom' on June 3 at 7.50 PM KST. Check all of their last week's performance below.











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