Is Kim Woojin canceled? Ex-Stray Kids star uses alleged sex assault victim's tweet in promo

Former Stray Kids member Kim Woojin was slammed for using an alleged sexual assault victim's tweet as an aesthetic for a promo for 'Le Chocolatier'

                            Is Kim Woojin canceled? Ex-Stray Kids star uses alleged sex assault victim's tweet in promo
Kim Woojin in the 'Le Chocolatier' video, a post showing a tweet by the K-pop star's alleged sexual assault victim (YouTube/KIM WOOJIN, Twitter/@10x_ent)

Former Stray Kids member Kim Woojin found himself in hot water on Tuesday, June 29, after he shared a 10x Entertainment post about a visual film before his solo debut. Many said that the teaser of the film 'Le Chocolatier' used a tweet on sexual assault as an aesthetic, as the background of the post was one of the tweets made by a victim of sexual assault, whose perpetrator was allegedly Woojin.

Woojin left the band Stray Kids in 2019 citing undisclosed “personal” reasons, which did leave a huge question mark in the minds of fans. Woojin was accused of sexual harassment by an anonymous Twitter user in September 2020. However he, along with 10x Entertainment, has since denied all allegations.


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The video, which has the bio 'Watch out, he's coming for you', first premiered on May 14, this year. Dressed in a pinstripe suit, glasses and moussed hair, Woojin reads a newspaper headline that reads 'Don't eat chocolate'. He sits cross-legged at what seems to be a hotel as the ticker on the TV news says: "A mysterious guy who melted people's hearts is still on the run."

Kim Woojin in the 'Le Chocolatier' video (YouTube/KIM WOOJIN)

Is Kim Woojin canceled?

It then goes on to show a teddy bear lying on the pavement with heart eyes and bits of chocolate on its mouth. It then shows that Woojin is the culprit and he tries to lock himself up in his room, knowing that the police are looking for him in the hotel. He then goes on to make concoctions with the chocolate and what looks like a bottle of love potion. When a cop arrives, Woojin offers him a piece of a heart-shaped chocolate which he eats and then passes out just like the teddy bear. The K-pop star then suavely leaves the room.

The tweet in the background caught a lot of attention online. One user tweeted, "This man and company just shared a teaser that has one of the tweets the victim tweeted as the background. if you still support this is incredibly disgusting." So will he be canceled again for sharing the video? Here's what Twitter thinks.



'Why is the monster himself trending?'

Woojin was trending all through Tuesday on Twitter. "Ew why is the monster himself aka kim woojin himself trending," said a Twitter user. "There's only one thing I'm thankful for Kim Woojin... and that's for leaving Stray Kids. He's so disgusting af," a second said. "woojin is a disgusting person. even if he was "proven innocent" why is he even using that as a teaser," a third opined.




'The little teaser makes me sick'

"Kim Woojin doesn't have stans. He has antis that are Stays who focus more on trending how much they hate him instead of streaming Stray Kids' new MV. 9.1 million in 4 days? Pitiful," a tweet said. "This is a new low, even for someone I expected nothing from. My jaw dropped when I saw this. Does he have absolutely no shame? I don't give 2 fucks is he's innocent or not, the way he handled the situation was disgusting and this little teaser makes me sick," said a second. "ppl shouldn’t be looking at the woojin situation as “oh stop trying to cancel him, just go support your favs!” you should see it as he is trying to use an assault allegation against him as an aesthetic. someone like that shouldn’t be a public figure that people look up to," a third chipped in.




'I'm falling in love with this man'

There were still some ardent Woojin supporters who showed their appreciation for him nonetheless. "My life has changed a lot since I got to know him for sure for the better. It's been a long time since I've known him and it's definitely the best coincidence for me. I think the beginning was from a clip I watched on the internet that looked [email protected]," said a fan. "Some cute pics for CUBS ! let’s block out all negativity and continue to support our boy Woojin ! #KIMWOOJIN #김우진 [some edits from my insta @/chezywoo]," said another. "I'm Falling in Love with This Man," a third chipped in. "Block me if you are still canceling Kim woojin because first he was proven innocent those victims don’t exist and everyone wants to be an internet warrior when in this case woojin quite literally is the victim I hope you know that false accusation of sexual assault also," a fourth explained.





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