Coronavirus: Ryan Reynolds shares hilarious video encouraging people to help #PlankTheCurve

Seth Rogen immediately responded to his video and released a clip requesting people to stay home

                            Coronavirus: Ryan Reynolds shares hilarious video encouraging people to help #PlankTheCurve
Ryan Reynolds (Getty Images)

Joining the huge list of celebrities trying to spread the word on social distancing while coronavirus (COVID-19) is sweeping across the world, 'Deadpool' star Ryan Reynolds has posted a video on his Twitter account, applauding Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and asking people to help flatten the curve.

"Another important message from an important celebrity," Reynolds captioned the video. "Let’s spread the word not the virus. I happily nominate, @stevenpage @Sethrogen and @TerryR49776917 #PlankTheCurve #StayAtHomeSaveLives."

"Well, thank you Prime Minister Trudeau," he says in the minute-long clip. "We need to work together to flatten the curve and fight off COVID-19. I think in times of crisis, we all know it's the celebrities that we count on most. They're the ones who are gonna get us through this. Right after healthcare workers, first responders, people working essential services, ping pong players, mannequins — they're great — childhood imaginary friends, sure, like 4000 other types of people."

"Look, stay at home," he continued. "Practice social distancing, wash your hands. We are gonna get through this thing."

He went on to nominate Steven Page, Seth Rogen and Terry Reynolds to also pass on the message. Rogen responded almost immediately with his own video captioned, "Help #PlanktheCurve. Please let’s not get sick. @Lilly @BaruchelNDG @ShawnMendes."

Now you might think these messages would have gone down well, especially considering how self-deprecating Reynolds was in his. Well, it turns out at least a few people were really not amused.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively attend the premiere of 'Pokemon Detective Pikachu' at Military Island in Times Square on May 2, 2019, in New York City (Getty Images)

One person tweeted, "Yes. Please. More messages from millionaire celebrities as hospitals beg for beds, respirators and masks. Yes more messages on Twitter is what helps. Not donations, but worthless messages. Thanks Hollywood!"

"Telling people to stay at home is easy for people with money and a guaranteed pay check to say," another Twitter user weighed in. "Plenty of small businesses suffering out here as the government wants to play politics..."

A slightly more balanced opinion came from one user who wrote, "Don't get me wrong. @VancityReynolds is literally my favorite actor, just hard to see the amount of very wealthy people tell us pay check to pay check people to just stay home. It's just not that easy."

But despite the hate and the indifference, there are also plenty of people who seem to have taken the video message pretty well. One fan, for example, shared their Ryan Reynolds-themed quarantine plan writing, "I’m totally set for awhile! I am having a Ryan Reynolds movie marathon, also going to totally cleanse my body of all the misery of sitting through Green Lantern again with some @AviationGin cheers #quarintine #stayathome."

Another Twitter user came out with a suggestion for more uses one could put Reynolds's Aviation Gin to. "Just know that a certain gin which I will not mention by name, that's associated with Mr Reynolds could be mixed with aloe to make a very nice and quite fragrant hand sanitizer," the user wrote.

As the pandemic situation intensifies, more and more celebrities are going to continue coming out with such messages. Even if, as Reynolds pointed out, they're probably less useful than mannequins and childhood imaginary friends. In the meantime, here's some useful info about COVID-19 and how you can avoid it and if the isolation is starting to get to you, we've compiled a list of shows you can watch to pass the time.

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