Mnet's 'Kingdom' Winner: Stray Kids are new K-pop kings, fans say 'Hyunjin the crown is yours too'

The fourth-generation K-pop group that set the Mnet stage on fire with 'Wolf Gang' snagged 1,303,798 votes for the finale

                            Mnet's 'Kingdom' Winner: Stray Kids are new K-pop kings, fans say 'Hyunjin the crown is yours too'
Stray Kids crowned the new 'K-pop King' at Mnet's 'Kingdom' (Stray Kids teaser poster)

Mnet's 'Kingdom: Legendary War' has finally come to an end, with Stray Kids becoming the ultimate winner. The fourth-generation K-pop group which set the Mnet stage on fire with 'Wolf Gang' thanked their fans for "a legendary time". The K-pop group snagged 1,303,798 votes for the finale.

Stray Kids has been one of the most popular K-pop groups and whose trajectory of success has gone gradually upwards. The group under JYP Entertainment brings out the most energetic tunes and mixes - which coupled with their sharp choreography has given them a unique signature to attract global attention.


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Bang Chan for 'Wolf Gang' (Mnet YouTube)

Stray Kids is the new 'K-pop' king

Overjoyed with the win, Stray Kids' Bang Chan said, "I'm so happy that we were able to work together and perform with our sun-hoobae-nims (seniors). Until our ‘Kingdom Come”, in our Wolfgang way! Because of our Stay, I think we were able to come this far. I’ll work harder from now on! I had such a good time having all these!" 




Fans celebrated the win on social media pouring congratulatory messages for the K-pop group. A fan wrote, "All the hard work, dedication, effort, and unity of stays made this possible. Thank you stays WE HOWL IN VICTORY!" Another fan chimed in saying, "The most humble person i’ve seen WE HOWL IN VICTORY", sharing a clip of Bang Chan. An overjoyed fan gushed, "Congratulations @Stray_Kids and stay, we did it. I'm proud of you, i wish hyunjin will back soon and everything will be good tommorow. 03062021 KINGDOM : LEGENDARY WAR WE HOWL IN VICTORY!"

Another fan wrote, "I'm happy that @Stray_Kids win on Kingdom. But i'm a bit sad to know that there's no Thursday with full of curiosity anymore to me Congratulations Stray Kids!!! Congratulations!!!! Thanks for your hardwork!!!'








'Kingdom' will be memorable for Stray Kids fans with so many moments to swoon over! A shirtless Bang Chan, Felix with gray hair, Jeongin with a mullet, a blue-haired Jisung and more, 'Kingdom' finale will be iconic for the fans. In their victory, fans didn't forget Hyunjin as they expressed how the victory also belonged to the Stray Kids superstar who is currently on a hiatus. A fan said, "Hwang hyunjin, the crown is yours too!" Another shared, "THIS IS ALSO FOR OUR KING OUR LOVESTAY BOY OUR BABY DUMPLING HWANG HYUNJIN!"




Check out Stray Kids' final 'Kingdom' performance here.


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