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Leah McSweeney acting like a 'Karen', say 'RHONY' fans after she goes off on Heather Thomson

'Leah demanding Heather to leave her alone when she’s the one chasing her around the house screaming. Leah you are the one Karening out,' wrote a fan
'RHONY' stars Leah McSweeney and Heather Thomson (Bravo)
'RHONY' stars Leah McSweeney and Heather Thomson (Bravo)

Oh, how the times have changed. When Leah McSweeney was introduced as the new housewife last season (Season 12), fans were head over heels in love with her. They found her attitude refreshing and interesting compared to the other New York ladies. Leah was an instant hit with fans, and they couldn't wait to watch her return to the next season. Unfortunately, Leah appears to have lost her charm, as fans are having a hard time liking Leah and standing by her behavior on 'Real Housewives of New York City'. 

Ever since the premiere of Season 13, Leah has consistently managed to get herself tangled in drama and isn't holding back when it comes to picking fights left, right, and center, with her fellow housewives. Although fans are baffled by the 'Married to the Mob' founder's abrupt change in behavior, the recently aired episode of 'RHONY' was the last straw for many when it came to endorsing Leah on the show.


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Leah McSweeney joined 'RHONY' during season 12 (Bravo)

Although Leah barely knows 'RHONY' alum Heather Thomson, she doesn't seem to have any problem in picking up a huge fight with her. Even before Heather appeared on the season as the friend of the housewives, Leah began rallying the other ladies against Heather by bringing to their attention all the allegedly bad things that the former housewife spoke about them.

The ladies were all furious with Heather, but the situation diffused quickly after Heather explained to them what she meant by her statement. But Leah wasn't ready to just give up yet. She picked up a huge fight with Heather that resulted in the former cast member quitting filming for the show mid-season. Leah shared with the ladies about her hesitation to cast a vote during the presidential elections. When Heather heard about it, she was concerned so she reached out to Leah's close friend Eboni Williams and pointed out why voting is very important and how every vote counts.

When Eboni relayed Heather's thoughts about Leah's voting to her, Leah lost her temper. She slammed Heather for adding her two cents to every conversation and having an opinion about everything. She even called her co-star a 'Karen'. Unfortunately for Leah, that turned out to be a bad look for her as fans were irked watched her random outburst. 


A fan tweeted, "Omg Leah is exhausting and so so defensive around heather. Heather must see right through her…why is Leah offended that Heather is basically saying every vote counts? #RHONY."

"It’s quite ironic Leah going off on Heather calling her a Karen as she’s acting like one - you can’t make this crap up  #rhony," joked a fan. "#RHONY hmm Leah demanding Heather to leave her alone when she’s the one chasing her around the house screaming…Leah you are the one Karening out," seconded a fan.




Another fan wondered, "So Leah can have an opinion about everything Ramona does but Heather can't have one about her doubts regarding voting? #RHONY." Fans are also eagerly waiting for her to quit the show. A fan expressed, "I wish Leah will be gone next season. I can't stand her!#RHONY." Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, "Ugh Leah just leave and stop harassing everyone. So irritating #RHONY."





'Real Housewives of New York City' Season 13 airs every Tuesday at 9/8c only on Bravo.