Luann de Lesseps branded 'racist' for calling 'RHONY' star Eboni Williams 'angry woman'

'Real Housewives of New York' stars Luann de Lesseps was slammed after she called Eboni Williams an 'angry woman' while siding with Ramona Singer

                            Luann de Lesseps branded 'racist' for calling 'RHONY' star Eboni Williams 'angry woman'
'Real Housewives of New York' stars Luann de Lesseps and Eboni Williams (Bravo)

Nothing irks a Black woman like being called an "angry Black woman". 'Real Housewives of New York' star Luann de Lesseps seems to have learned this the hard way. The OG housewife invited all her fellow housewives for a lunch at her Hamptons house. The fun and playful lunch table conversation quickly escalated when Leah McSweeney stormed out, which was later followed by an intense exchange between Luann and her guest Eboni Williams over miscommunication.

The ladies were enjoying their lunch when Luann brought up the topic of previous night's party. She openly wondered why Ramona Singer was upset and why Eboni was running after her apologizing. Eboni then explained that Ramona didn't like the language that Leah was using at the party, and was offended by it. After sensing Ramona's discomfort, Eboni decided to apologize. Luann surprised everybody by taking Ramona's side and declaring that Leah's explicit language wasn't appropriate at the party, and pointed out that there was a time and place for such explicit conversations and Ramona's party wasn't one.


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Leah got annoyed and stormed out on hearing Ramona and Luann continuing to harp about how one shouldn't discuss private parts during parties. After Leah's exit, Eboni took over and apologized again. She then shared that she would never use that language since it made Luann and Ramona uncomfortable. Luann immediately ruined the brief moment of peace by declaring that speaking such colorfully sexual language was not classy and brought up the subject of education. Eboni got offended and quickly shot down Luann by pointing out that she was the most educated person at the table, and a person's education shouldn't be brought up. Luann too got fired up over Eboni's most educated person remark and began attacking her co-star verbally. Things got so heated that Luann called Eboni an "angry woman". 

When Eboni heard Luann calling her "angry", she was further offended as she felt that it was a racially charged comment. She pointed to the stereotype of "angry Black woman" and slammed Luann for using the term angry when she was just trying to put across her point to them. In her confessional, Eboni pointed out how none of the ladies called Leah angry although she had a meltdown and stormed off, but didn't think twice before labeling her angry just for trying to get her point across.

You can watch the clip of Luann and Eboni's fight here.


Although Luann and Ramona tried to diffuse the situation by claiming that race didn't play any part in calling her angry, Eboni refused to believe them. Fans too sided with Eboni and felt that Luann was being racist towards the new housewife. A fan tweeted, "Leah did MORE than Eboni has ever done so far and she wasn't called angry. Luann is a racist. #RHONY." Another angry fan said, "Wow F LuAnn. She’s not even hiding she’s a racist bitch. I’m sorry but Ebony should of showed those hands and showed what “angry” actually is. #rhony."



Another fan commented, "I always knew Luann has hidden racist agenda ....We all seen it tonight #RHONY." Another said, "How many women have we seen lose their whole entire minds on #RHONY without being called an "angry woman". It's a racist trope and Luann should be ashamed of herself."



Fans also praised Eboni for standing up for herself and not caving in to Luann and Ramona's behavior. A fan shared, "So proud of Eboni for sticking to her points the right way. Bc them heffas need to be told about themselves and educated more often for their comments. #RHONY." Another said, "Tonight’s episode showed America what black women go threw on a regular when they voice their opinion. Look at Leah’s behavior, it was looked over by giving her an excuse. But Leah was right about one thing: they all a bunch of hoes! Except Eboni #RHONY," observed a fan.




The episode ended with Luann asking Eboni to leave her home and think about what she said. Looks like this is the beginning of an epic showdown between Eboni and Luann. We can't wait to see how things play out between the ladies.

'Real Housewives of New York' Season 13 airs every Tuesday at 9/8c only on Bravo. 

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