Red Velvet teases comeback with archive project, fans call them 'concept queens'

As part of their pre-comeback promotion, Red Velvet started an archiving concept as they open a general pop-up store on their Instagram

                            Red Velvet teases comeback with archive project, fans call them 'concept queens'
Red Velvet will make a comeback s(@redvelvet.smtown/Instagram)

Red Velvet is one of the biggest girl groups in K-pop, but it’s been a while since we have seen them. They were last seen in December 2019 when they came back with a compilation album and the lead single ‘Psycho’. After that, they just released one project single in 2020 but that was it as a group. While the members have had solo activities and virtual performances, we’ve missed seeing them as a whole group. But after almost two years, they’re back once again.

Red Velvet released some teasers on July 26 which were confusing at first. Previously, it was hinted that they would be releasing a new album in August. And we all know that they are the queens of legendary concepts with iconic releases over the past years. No wonder fans found it ingenious when they realized that Red Velvet was starting an archiving concept as a pre-comeback promotion project.


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Red Velvet is back

SM first released a clip of one of their B-side tracks, ‘Something Kinda Crazy’. Set in some kind of magical vintage store, we see all of the members exploring it before they find a VHS tape that reveals the title of the project. ‘Queens Mystic General Store’ is a promotional project with an archiving concept where the girls will be pulling out memorable props and songs from their past releases. The memorabilia are presented on their Instagram as a general pop-up store item. 

Red Velvet will also drop special clips of favorite b-side songs from over the years. They will have various looks and concepts that will lay the path for their upcoming album. The group will also release individual teasers of each member to get a better glimpse of the concept. This project will continue till August 1, which means that we might finally get some concrete information for their summer comeback in the first week of August.

'Concept queens'

ReVeluvs were quite excited as they took to Twitter to hype up the pre-comeback promotions. Many also found the archiving concept unique yet hilarious as they ended up making cute memes out of it.

One fan tweeted, "The details is already Red Velvet concept queens." One fan made a meme, "SOTY." Another tweeted, "The way i can’t take red velvet’s concept seriously because reveluvs keeps on making fun abt it hiatus really made all of us crazy." To go with the store concept, one fan tweeted, “I made a merch.” Another tweeted, "Always different, always new, red velvet queens of concepts." One tweeted, "RED VELVET IS COMING BACK!! THE WAIT IS FINALLY OVER!!!" Another tweeted, "THEY’RE ALL SO BEAUTIFUL I’M CRYING RED VELVET IS FINALLY BACK!!!!!!!"








You can watch the video for 'Somethin Kinda Crazy' below.