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'Queendom 2' Ep 0: Was Viviz and WJSN scene scripted? SinB goes viral for evil editing

Fans and non-fans found it hilarious that SinB was going viral after creating fake beef with WJSN's Yeoreum
UPDATED MAR 25, 2022
SinB tells Yeoreum that Viviz is WJSN's senior (Mnet K-Pop/YouTube)
SinB tells Yeoreum that Viviz is WJSN's senior (Mnet K-Pop/YouTube)

‘Queendom 2’ is almost underway with more and more content dropping just before its premiere on March 31. It is the fourth installment in the ‘Queendom’/’Kingdom’ series and fans are excited. Some of the participants are iconic older-gen acts like Hyolyn of Sistar fame and Viviz who were previously a part of GFriend. We also have new popular groups like Loona and Kep1er. Well after the opening performances where we got a sneak-peek as to what to expect from the K-pop survival show, Mnet dropped episode 0 of ‘Queendom 2’ on March 24.

Despite it not having any English subtitles, over a million people tuned in with the total views reaching 1.9 million till now. Episode 0 gave us the first look at all of the contestants as they enter the ‘Queendom 2’ stage as well as preparations for their opening performances. We also got brief interactions, light and funny moments, and confessionals of each participants’ first impressions. But of the 38 girls present, Viviz's SinB was the one who went viral for the most hilarious of reasons.


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Kep1er's Yeseo (inset) looks scared while WJSN's Yeoreum plays along with SinB (Mnet K-Pop/YouTube)

SinB goes viral in Episode 0

SinB, a girl group member of GFriend and Viviz, is often known for a resting face that looks like she is always frowning that fans find hilarious. So, even when she is not irked by any situation, if she doesn’t show any expressions on her face, it looks like she is mad which worried some fans. Many went as far as to coach her by asking her not to frown on ‘Queendom 2’ so that Mnet cannot use her for "evil editing" and to create drama and fan wars.

SinB (left) goes viral for her resting face (Mnet K-Pop/YouTube)

But it looks like that was exactly the reason she went viral, which K-pop Twitter is finding hilarious. At one point in episode 0 of 'Queendom 2', WJSN said that they were seniors to almost every group present to which SinB jokingly told WJSN's Yeoreum that Viviz was their senior. However, the editors added dramatic sound effects and zoom-ins to make it look like SinB had said something shocking. But many think that it was scripted since SinB made a hand gesture when she passed WJSN as if to signal the start of the drama. We even had Yeoreum trying hard not to smile.

SinB also gave a hilarious confessional as she pretended to be surprised when Brave Girls chose Viviz as their rivals in the show. We also had Viviz’s fans asking Kep1er’s fans not to take SinB too seriously as in one moment, she jokingly asked how old Kep1er's Yeseo was and if it was time for her to go home. She was also honest as she said, “Mnet is cruel.”


Watch episode 0 below.


'SinB actress'

SinB ended up trending as fans made tweets like, “Sinb iconic villain vibes she's here to entertain us all.” Another fan posted, “Mnet really started the evil editing already 😂soobin asked yeseo how old she is and said isn't it time for her to go home.” One fan joked, “Mnet must love sinb for giving them stuff to edit FFFFFFF.”

Another fan added, “Sinb's not even hiding it SHE'S DONE WITH MNET.” One joked, “Seungkwan messaging sinb about her expressions after watching ep 0.” Another pointed out, “Hyolyn, loona, wjsn, brave girls and kep1er fans: *busy complementing their girls* viviz fans: *trying their best to explain sinb and viviz expression so no one will misunderstand it*.”







Another fan thought they found the moment when SinB and Yeoreum started the drama, "Is this how sinb greets yeoreum or she's just sending signal to yeoreum to start the drama." One found the interaction between SinB and Yeoreum hilarious, “Funniest part abt this is that everyone knows viviz and wjsn girls are besties so this is really just sinb wanting to play up the drama 😭😭😭😭 sinb actress arc next.”

One fan commented, “SinB: *breathes* Mnet: *puts on a tense sound effect* *zoom in zoom out*.” Another said, “I'm not sure if its evil edit but she looks so damn attractive here.” A Loona fan posted, “Jinsouls reaction when wjsn joked that viviz aren’t seniors since they’re close and sinb told yeoreum to tell wjsn that they are.”