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Now Apocalypse

Now Apocalypse

Directed by Gregg Araki, Now Apocalypse is a show for post-millennials as it captures the mindset of the generation quite candidly. Starring Avan Jogia, Beau Mirchoff, Kelli Berglund, Roxane Mesquida and Tyler Posey portray young men and women exploring sexuality and what it really means to be sexually fluid, a term that is most used by millennials. The show also adds a bit of surrealism, with the lead character having strange dreams about the end of the world 'as they know it' other strange premonitions that include the guy he met on Tinder shooting streams of colourful laser rays at him. Bizarre would be an understatement when it comes to Araki's work, and Now Apocalypse would fit right into Araki's style of filmmaking - New Queer Cinema. The show will premiere on March 10 on Starz.

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'Now Apocalypse' can now be binge-watched, does this have to do with the show's falling viewership?

All episodes of 'Now Apocalypse' will now be available to stream online on Starz network's non-linear platforms including and Starz YouTube for free
Mar 23, 2019

'Now Apocalypse': Beau Mirchoff as Ford is the hot straight guy who subverts stereotypes with subtlety

Beau Mirchoff plays the role of Ford in Gregg Araki's 'Now Apocalypse' and here's why we love Ford's character
Mar 20, 2019

'Now Apocalypse' episode 2 review: Sexcapades and reptile aliens as we delve deeper into Uly's psyche in 'Where Is My Mind?'

In the second episode, we see Uly's best friends Carly and Ford push the envelope in their sex lives while Uly deals with his premonitions (hallucinations) about reptile aliens
Mar 18, 2019

'Now Apocalypse' episode 2 preview: With aliens and BDSM, Gregg Araki's show gets even more interesting

The second episode of 'Now Apocalypse' will see Carly explore BDSM with her boyfriend, Ford experience cuckolding for the first time, and Uly get obsessed with the alien
Mar 14, 2019

Five times Avan Jogia's 'Now Apocalypse' proved that it is truly a show for millennials

Greg Araki's television show 'Now Apocalypse' premiered on March 10 on Starz and stars Avan Jogia and Beau Mirchoff in lead roles
Mar 12, 2019

'Now Apocalypse' episode 1: This Gregg Araki show is off to an abstract, absolutely bizarre and sexy start

The first episode of Starz show 'Now Apocalypse' introduces us to characters who are clueless, to a plot that is bizarre and an episode that is abstract.
Mar 11, 2019

'Now Apocalypse' episode 1 preview: Stage set for exploration of millennial world through their sex lives

'Now Apocalypse' starring Avan Jogia, Beau Mirchoff, Kelli Berglund in lead roles is set to premiere on Starz on March 10.
Mar 6, 2019

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'Now Apocalypse': Can Gregg Araki transcend gen gap to give Starz show a millennial perspective?

Greg Arakki is well-known for making the New Queer Cinema, but with 'Now Apocalypse', the filmmaker will have to accommodate a generation that is alien to him. Will he succeed?
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Starz 'Now Apocalypse' Season 1: Release date, cast, plot, review and everything else you need to know

Now Apocalypse is an upcoming show on Starz, which will be airing on March 10. The show will star Avan Jogia, Beau Mirchoff and Kelli Berglund in lead roles.
Feb 24, 2019