'Now Apocalypse' can now be binge-watched, does this have to do with the show's falling viewership?

All episodes of 'Now Apocalypse' will now be available to stream online on Starz network's non-linear platforms including Starz.com and Starz YouTube for free

                            'Now Apocalypse' can now be binge-watched, does this have to do with the show's falling viewership?

On Friday, Starz Network, which airs the show 'Now Apocalypse,' announced all episodes of the Gregg Araki show will now be available online on their non-linear platforms including Starz.com, YouTube, Reddit and Pride Media.

The network has so far aired two episodes on Sundays at 9 p.m. and has also confirmed that the show will continue being aired till May 12 despite being released online. While the official statement speaks about providing viewers with access to the episodes so they can binge-watch it, the real reason behind this sudden decision may be because of viewership ratings.


'Now Apocalypse' currently averages viewers in the 18-49-year-old demographic. While the first episode saw a viewership of 147,000, in the following week it fell by 15.65% according to a report in tvseriesfinale.com. If we were to take the overall rankings of shows from the Starz network, 'Now Apocalypse' is one of the shows with the least viewership. The shows with the highest viewership are 'Power', followed by 'Outlander' and 'American Gods'.


The show starring Avan Jogia as Ulysses, Beau Mirchoff as Ford, Kelli Berglund as Carly and Roxane Mesquida as Severine is about a group of friends who live millennial lives and as viewers, we get a peek at what that life entails in bits and pieces.


In an official statement, Carmi Zlotnik, the president of programming for Starz said: "Gregg Araki has created a vibrant world filled with relatable characters and relationship storylines and we have found that many fans want to consume this content as soon as possible. We are giving this audience every opportunity to dive into the crazy world of ‘Now Apocalypse’ and ride the roller coaster of the season at their own pace.”

While it sounds like the network wants more people to access the show at the pace they want, the ratings do look bad and makes us wonder if Uly's story will be a hit or a miss. Araki's show has also got mixed reviews from critics. The third episode of the show will air Sunday, March 25. Along with Araki, the show was co-written by Karley Sciortino. If you choose to binge watch the show, one of the most interesting things about it is the conversations that occur between Uly and Carly, keep an eye out for them!