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Privacy professionals defend lack of statement over BTS V and Blackpink Jennie's leaked iCloud photos

Despite the leaks, labels HYBE and YG Entertainment haven't released a statement about the V-Jennie dating rumor and fans are now explaining why
A lawyer explains why no statement from HYBE and YG Entertainment now could be in the best interest of BTS V and Blackpink Jennie (@theh0ttea/Twitter; @jennierubyjane, @thv/Instagram)
A lawyer explains why no statement from HYBE and YG Entertainment now could be in the best interest of BTS V and Blackpink Jennie (@theh0ttea/Twitter; @jennierubyjane, @thv/Instagram)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: There has never been so much chatter about a dating rumor as there has been for the V-Jennie controversy. From the time BTS member V (Kim Taehyung) accidentally followed Jennie on Instagram when BTS newly made their solo accounts on the platform, many shippers had been hoping for the couple to date in real life. Back in May when a fake photo of V and Jennie from Jeju Island surfaced online, the BTS and Blackpink fandom erupted into chaos. Now as more and more alleged private photos of the two idols leak online, fans wonder if the labels HYBE (Big Hit Music) and YG Entertainment are even doing anything to protect the privacy and safety of their artists. 

After users like @gurumiharibo, and @rattailbot took to Twitter and Instagram to post photos of V and Jennie together, fans immediately jumped the gun claiming they were edited. However, after a new user @theh0ttea released more photos that do not seem edited off the bat, fans think that two members of BTS and Blackpink, V and Jennie respectively, are truly dating and that their privacy is being invaded by sick trolls who are hacking into Jennie's iCloud storage. Fans are calling out the labels for not reacting to the rumors but a privacy professional lawyer is sharing their two cents with fans over why no statement from HYBE or YG Entertainment is the best thing for both V and Jennie. 


More alleged photos of BTS V and Blackpink Jennie have fans saying, 'invasion of privacy'

Who is Gurumiharibo? BTS fan EXPOSES account posting 'edited' photos of BTS V and Blackpink Jennie

Fans are tired of the rumor as more alleged photos featuring BTS V and Blackpink Jennie posing as a couple release (HYBE LABELS, BLACKPINK/YouTube; @theh0ttea/Twitter)
Fans are tired of the rumor as more alleged photos featuring BTS V and Blackpink Jennie posing as a couple released (HYBE LABELS, BLACKPINK/YouTube; @theh0ttea/Twitter)

Are HYBE and YG Entertainment working together to protect V and Jennie?

As the new set of images featuring the two idols was never seen before, fans think that Jennie and V may truly be dating. However, ARMYs (fans of BTS) and Blinks (fans of Blackpink) no longer care about the relationship between the two idols. Fans are now discussing how it is possible that Jennie's iCloud storage was hacked, which led to more unseen photos of the two idols surfacing online.

With no public statement from the two labels, some fans who know the ins and outs of the legal right to privacy explain why no update from the label is in the best interest of the two idols. A fan of BTS, who is also a lawyer, took to Twitter to explain, "Speaking as a privacy professional, making a statement is about the worst thing you can do and would require the company to also breach the artist's privacy." They explained that the since the labels can't just accept or deny the allegations about V and Jennie, they will have to provide evidence to corroborate their claims.

The user added, "If there is no relationship they'd have to provide information about where the pictures were from and how they knew they were faked. If there is a relationship, they'd have to confirm a relationship that the artists clearly don't want public." The lawyer clarified that in the event of a confirmation or a denial, personal information about V and Jennie will still be made public. Hence, a statement at this point of the controversy would also tamper with the ongoing investigation of 'privacy breach' - if indeed there is one going on. 


'I feel it's important to trust your idol'

Fans too share similar opinions and are asking other fans to stop hounding Big Hit Music and YG Entertainment for a statement and let them do their jobs. One fan said, "Idk why some of y'all are so up and arms about a lack of a statement when said statement would evidently make things WORSE. there is a reason things like this are handled privately." Another fan said, "THIS.... Because the lack of statement means they think it's a stupid thing to respond to. If Teahyung was angry or felt some type away about his privacy he has the balls to tell his company to release a statement just like he did when btches followed him in the museum that time." One fan argued, "I think the statement a lot of fans are asking for is not a confirmation/denial of the couple, not even to state if the photos were real or edited. Just a statement that they're aware of malicious actors and they are dealing with it. I think people are just wanting an assurance."

But one countered, "Assurance of what? As its been previously states by OP, wouldnt it be his own decision whether he wants anything revealed? I feel like it’s important to trust your idol and respect his decision to/not to report anything." One fan said, "Not to mention just because they haven’t made a statement doesn’t mean they aren’t doing something about it. These things take time and usually they can’t say anything until AFTER they have gone after the person responsible for the issue. I’m this case the pictures. Fake or not, there is an issue they are most likely dealing with behind closed doors so it doesn’t get blown up more." Another noted, "Someone hacked bp girl icloud and leaked some of her private photos with kth , we sure don't care if their real or not but hacking someone's phone and leaking their private life is not okey."





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