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Police get involved in Le Sserafim rigged 'Music Bank' win, fans say: ‘HYBE dug their grave’

Lim Young-woong lost to Le Sserafim on KBS' 'Music Bank' solely because he got zero broadcast points
UPDATED MAY 30, 2022
Fans and Dispatch claim that foul play was involved as they bring evidence that Lim Young-woong should have gotten points for broadcast (@limyoungwoong and @le_sserafim/Twitter)
Fans and Dispatch claim that foul play was involved as they bring evidence that Lim Young-woong should have gotten points for broadcast (@limyoungwoong and @le_sserafim/Twitter)

Earlier, Le Sserafim fans had found it ridiculous that fans of Lim Young-woong had reported alleged foul play of KBS’ 'Music Bank' to the police. In May second week, trot sensation and million-seller Lim Young-woong and HYBE’s rookie girl group Le Sserafim were nominated for first place at KBS’ music show. While Lim had the higher score in almost all criteria, he lost since he had zero in broadcast, while Le Sserafim won solely because of their broadcast score. While his fans had felt that it was unfair, Dispatch revealed that the music show win was possibly rigged.

Korean media outlet Dispatch and eagle-eyed fans had investigated after KBS released two statements clarifying the win. They had shared that Lim Young-woong's nominated song ‘If We Ever Meet Again’ had not been played in the seven major KBS radio shows required to get broadcast points. But Dispatch released real-time screenshots of Lim’s songs being played and then deleted from the playlist of certain KBS’ radio shows that would have gotten him the broadcast points. A group of Knetizens shared that they had reported the incident to the police and urged them to investigate as they wanted it to be fair for all artists promoting. 


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Music Bank's rigged win reported to cops, Lim Young-woong fans say, ‘His impact is crazy’

Le Sserafim wins against Lim Young-woong on KBS' 'Music Bank' (@limyoungwoong.official/Instagram, and @le_sserafim/Twitter)

Police take on the case

Well, on May 30, it was announced that the police have actually taken on the case. They have confirmed that they will be investigating KBS to see if the broadcast channel did indeed rig the scores so that Lim Young-woong would lose and Le Sserafim would win. The Yeongdeungpo Police have shared that they are currently looking into the case and if they find evidence of manipulation they will then launch a proper investigation. Meanwhile, those who had thought that the 'Music Bank' rigging was just part of a conspiracy by HYBE to distract the general public from Le Sserafim’s Garam and her bullying scandal are worried for the girls.

'I’m so sad for this group'

One fan tweeted, “Hybe rly dug their grave.” Another commented, “I’m so sad for this group i mean hybe you’re good at debuting boys groups only don’t try to debut another gg plz.” One added, “Le sserafim got the ministry of education, a lawfirm, and now the police on their a*s my goodness.”

Another pointed out why it was a big deal, “Of course... it could be really serious if there is rigging involved because KBS is government funded. It is very weird (this happens rarely) that LYW got 0 points, he is VERY big in Korea.” One did find the whole thing suspicious, “It’s also weird overall. Not even groups who never attend KBS’ stations got an absolute 0 at broadcast points before.”






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